Yoga Sequences: 10-Minute Back Pain Yoga Sequence

Yoga Sequences: 10-Minute Back Pain Yoga Sequence

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Yoga sequences are the combination of a few poses together in a continuous flow. A good yogi trains with specific yoga sequences. For every need you might have, there’s a yoga sequence, although you can always make your own! You will find here ten-minute back pain yoga sequences which are great for beginners and have effective results.

When performing yoga sequences, take all the time you need, remember to bread properly, and do as much as you can without feeling intense pain to avoid injury.

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What is Yoga?

Yoga is more than mere stretching. It exercises the body, mind, and spirit. It’s probably not news to you that yoga is perfect for your wellbeing; the modern popularity of yoga has spread that message very effectively.

The truth is that yoga, and the way we practice it through meditation and the asanas, reflect how one should live life.

Think about all the times we try to rush things, desperately trying to achieve our goals in ever-smaller amounts of time because the world has become so fast. That’s not inherently wrong; in fact, the intentions are good—but good intentions alone don’t shape us.

The only thing that can bring you closer to your goals is a constant practice, introspection, and patience. Yoga is about all that.

Practicing yoga is about flexing a little bit every day for months just to break the tightness of our bodies. It’s about regulating our breath and mind to endure extreme bodily poses that defy our sense of balance. Lastly, it’s about knowing that the best poses will require a considerable time investment.

No matter how much you rush or how hard you press, some things simply require time and repetition. Simple as that.

This is an invaluable message for most of us today. We can’t afford to get carried away by the mentality of instant gratification. We’re bound to crash into a stone wall of ineptitude sooner or later if we don’t start doing things with care and consistency.

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Yoga Sequences: 10-Minute Back Pain Yoga Sequence

This “lite” yoga sequence offers you 10 minutes’ worth of yoga poses to release the tension from your back. Be sure not to press your lower back into the floor during this yoga sequence.


1. Lie prone on the ground, belly up, and drag your right knee toward your chest, holding onto your right shin with both hands. Release and switch to the left. Repeat this exercise 4 more times. All in all, you should take at least a minute at this stage.

2. Enter the Reclining Hand to Toe Pose, and hold each side for 30 seconds.

3. Enter the Reclining Hand to Toe Pose, but instead of raising your legs toward the ceiling, stretch them to their respective sides while gazing forward. Loop a strap if you can’t reach your feet comfortably. Hold each side for 30 seconds.

4. Enter the Reclining Hand to Toe Pose, but stretch your legs up, and lean them towards the opposite side as much as you can without turning your torso and another leg (i.e., lift your right leg and lean it to the left). Hold each side for 30 seconds.

5. Bring both of your knees toward your chest, rest your right ankle above your left knee, on the left thigh, and hold your left thigh. Hold for a minute and then switch to the other side.

6. Close with the Corpse Pose, holding for 3 minutes.

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