Meditation to Calm Your Mind

Meditation to Calm Your Mind

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This article explores meditation to calm your mind and tips for managing your anxiety and calming your mind.  We’ll also explain how you can learn how to use positive self-talk to control anxiety and live a happier, more relaxed life.

Every day, millions of people struggle with anxious thoughts and feelings of dread, but you don’t have to be one of them. From the workplace to personal relationships, meditation for a Calmer You gives you the tools and confidence to develop a healthier way of thinking, overcome stressful situations, and reclaim your life.

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Meditation to Calm Your Mind

We are glad you have picked prokensho for the meditation techniques that you’ve been looking for to calm your mind. With this article, you will learn how to let go of the constant chatter in your mind, gain clarity, perform at your best, worry less, heal faster, sleep better, improve relationships, and feel more calm, confident, and content – whenever you want.

In this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to meditate using highly effective and enjoyable Meditation to Calm your mind. You’ll also discover the eye-opening insights that sit at the heart of the meditation approach; including the main hidden causes of a busy mind, the ‘peace with mind’ miracle, why there’s more to life than you think, and how there is a silent solution to any problem.

So together let’s discover first-hand the peaceful presence of your being, feel the power of the present moment, and be amazed by how still your mind can be.

‘Be Still and Know Who You Are.’

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Mindfulness Meditation:

How do you know you have a mind? You are aware of it, right? By that rationale, within you now exists a mind and something aware of your mind. This article on meditation to calm your mind is about becoming much more interested in, and attentive to, the conscious awareness that is aware of your mind, instead of going to any great lengths to fix, change, manage, manipulate or improve it.

Meditation to calm your mind gives you a new relationship with yourself, which can be the determining factor in whether you experience what can be described as a hellish life, full of stress, struggle, and suffering, or quite literally nirvana now. Conscious awareness is a still, silent, spacious, peace-filled presence; it is not otherworldly, but as real as you can get.

Consciousness is the calm context of every thought, feeling, action and circumstance in your life – whether they appear to be positive or negative. Knowing and directly experiencing the conscious awareness that is present within you is the silent solution to any stressful situation that you may be facing and the secret to enjoying a truly successful life; free from fear, problems, and limitations.

Full of potential, creativity, happiness, and grace, getting to know the conscious awareness residing within you offers the ultimate love affair – oneness with yourself.

Contrary to what you may have been taught to think and believe, you will discover that being at peace with life is the master key to engaging in a truly success-filled existence. Rediscovering the inner reservoir of calm residing within your conscious awareness – always – transforms your relationship with your thoughts, emotions, body, and life. No longer needing to work so hard to perfect your mind, emotions, and external circumstances, you become at peace with who you are and how life is.

What if you are not who or what you think? Are you willing to explore a new way of perceiving and experiencing yourself?

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How to Relax Your Mind? – By being AWARE

When I refer to your ‘real Self’, I’m speaking about the permanent aspect of you. The dimension of you that does not come and go or change, and is not temporary. The aspect of you that is present – always. During literally thousands of hours of meditation, I’ve explored this big question and come to conclude: I am simply the Self that is aware. Everything else is a mind-made creation or life circumstance that comes and goes. But that which is aware does not.

None of my achievements could ever relieve the eternal itch that something was missing. I was simply looking for fulfillment in places where it couldn’t be found.

So who are you?

You are the conscious awareness that is aware of the voice in your head and all the other thoughts and emotions happening daily. The awareness that is aware of your body and all the physical sensations and conditions that occur. The awareness that’s aware of all of your relationships, bank balance, the jobs you do, the houses you inhabit, and the hobbies that you happen to love.

Awareness is the one facet of you that has been with you your entire life, and you’ve never for one iota of a moment existed without.

Even if you’ve been unaware of it, your conscious awareness has been fully presented the entire time. Consciousness is what still exists when you are not having thoughts or emotions. It is forever with you despite the people in your life moving on, your job titles changing, your body growing older, your home addresses moving, and so on; it is the contextual landscape in which everything else in your life occurs.

Buddha was once quoted to have said: ‘No mind, no problem.’ And it is so true.

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Calming the Mind

No amount of money can buy you the inner peace and connection, fulfillment, and happiness that you naturally and immediately experience when engaging in present moment awareness. All these wonderful things are built into the fabric of your conscious awareness. Available to you now, no matter how positive or perfected you make your thoughts, emotions, body, and life. Does this sound too good to be true? Keep with me and stay open-minded!

During this journey to a new way of experiencing your mind, your Self, and life, I hope you will see that the secret to success is stillness.

Meditation to Calm Your Mind: Intro

‘Peace with Mind’ is not a typo. Far from it! The term is one I’ve been using for a while and has been my main inspiration for writing this article. With Mind Calm I would love to put ‘peace WITH mind’ on the map.

I’ve observed that peace of mind is perhaps one of the most confusing and demoralizing spiritual incentives on the planet, as it implies clearing your mind of thoughts for good. Yes, permanent peace of mind is possible. Not to mention marvelous – for the few who manage to attain it in this lifetime.

However, that’s my point. Reaching such a state of mind-body harmony, where thoughts are permanently stilled, can take many hours of meditation, very precise guidance on how to let go of the mind’s subtle attachments, and, in some cases, a good dose of divine intervention.

In today’s world, most people have incredibly busy lives. They balance career pressures with family and financial responsibilities, which all take up the bulk of their time and attention. Even if they wanted to disappear off to a monastery somewhere, to meditate for months in a quest to find permanent peace of mind, for most people this simply is not an option.

As a result, achieving this state can seem like a pipe dream. So far from the realms of possibility, it can, unfortunately, make meditation seem to be an ill affordable luxury in an already full schedule.

So it is for those people, who make up the bulk of the current population, with whom I’m keen to share Mind Calm, along with the very appealing and achievable possibility of ‘peace with mind’. I have also found this approach to be highly beneficial for people who have already worked on ‘waking up, as it provides a bridge that anyone can walk to be more consciously aware and find calm on the inside.

Mind Calm offers a solution that is not just for making your mind still, but also for making peace with your mind when it inevitably starts moving again.

Stopping your mind from having thoughts is possible. You are going to experience this is true when you play with the Mind Calm Games. Never having another thought again – i.e. permanent peace of mind – however, is an entirely different ball game. Especially when you take into account how much the average person’s mind is stimulated and overworked. Also, if you happen to like your mind, it can be an unappealing suggestion that you should never think about again. So Mind Calm is a solution that enables you to coexist peacefully with your mind. I hope that you are also willing to explore what exists beyond your mind, to find the aspect of your radiant real Self that deserves your attention too.

Meditation to Calm Your Mind: Guide

Why is my mind soooooooooo busy?!!! I know your frustration. I have felt driven mad by my mind too. Mulling over things at a million miles per hour. I’ve tossed and turned through sleepless nights, found it near impossible to focus during work or play and, to be honest, even had moments when my mind has felt too intense to live with, and secretly questioned whether it wouldn’t be easier to check out of this life.

One time I was so caught up in my thoughts I didn’t see the wet leaves sprawled across the corner I was heading around and nearly fell off. Nearly hitting the hard tarmac that day was certainly a wake-up call, and one of the many motivations that have led to such in-depth exploration into how to move from mental chaos to mind calm.

From this study, together with what I’ve observed, I have discovered a number of the subtler hidden causes as to why so many people suffer from such busy minds. I am curious if you can relate to any of them.

The Four Hidden Causes of a Busy Mind

Judgment Game

Judging things as being bad, negative, wrong, or worse leads to problems, and the mind becomes very active when attempting to find solutions to problems.

Resist Persist

Resistance to perceived problems leads to stress and suffering. Whenever you feel bad then your mind becomes very active, trying to understand why you feel the way you do and all the ways you can fix, change and improve things so that you can feel good again.

Attach Catch

Believing that x, y, or z needs to happen to feel good and be successful leads to a busy mind full of thoughts about how to get what you think you need.

Time Trap

Thinking that your past and future determine your current levels of peace, happiness, love, and success motivates the mind to produce lots of thoughts about what’s happened or might happen.

Meditation to Calm Your Mind: Conclusion

BE OPEN TO LETTING GO: Can you relate to any of these hidden causes? I hope that this article has been illuminating for you. So the next time your mind starts playing one of its games, you’ll see it and won’t feel compelled to take part in its antics. You will find that the less you engage the mind, the less active it will be.

Most importantly, once you see these hidden causes of a busy mind, you’ll find it easier to see the mind and not become lost in its inner workings. By being open to letting go of the mind when you see one of these hidden causes, then the big benefits of meditation to calm your mind, which I’ll share down below, will be your reward.

Benefits of Meditation to Calm Your Mind

Meditation can benefit anyone who makes it a priority and practices regularly. Over the past few years, I haven’t met a single person who hasn’t ended up benefiting from adopting a meditation routine.

Stepping back from the rigmarole of daily duties, taking a break from overthinking about the rights and wrongs of life, and scheduling regular time-outs to close your eyes to enjoy stillness is a marvelous gift you can give yourself. Time after time, meditators experience less stress, better health, inner calm, clarity and creativity, more loving relationships, and even increased productivity.

10 Mindful Benefits OF Meditation to Calm Your Mind

#1: From stress to serenity

#2: Sleep without counting sheep

#3: Helping hands to heal

#4: Calm + contentment

#5: Unconditional confidence

#6: Deeply loving relationships

#7: Live in the magnificent moment

#8: Eradicate excessive thinking

#9: Perform at your best

#10: Liberation from limitations

Thinking takes you into the past and future. Meditation brings you back to the here and now.

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