Suffering from Insomnia? Follow these Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

Suffering from Insomnia? Follow these Yoga Poses for Better Sleep

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As you progress through this yoga and mindfulness course you will notice various of yoga’s most important benefits: and one of them is improved quality of sleep.

Sleep experts often recommend that adults get seven to nine hours of sleep a night, but many of us lie awake or sleep badly because our daily lives leave us feeling anxious, stressed, depressed, and unable to relax sufficiently to sleep well enough as per our body’s requirements.

Research also shows that yoga is an effective and if often considered the most efficient treatment for insomnia in the long run because it addresses both the physical and the psychological concerns that are often considered the cause of restful sleep. And as the days go by, you will start noticing that you have less trouble falling asleep, sleep for longer without interruption, and wake up feeling more optimistic and refreshed.

A restful night’s sleep leaves you feeling optimistic about the next day, calm yet alert, and abler to deal with day-to-day problems, and open to the joys of daily life.

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Poses for deep Sleep

Yoga Pose #1: complete breath standing

Today We will begin our yoga practice with this simple yoga pose/stretch that unites the breathing and its movement.


  • It increases one’s overall energy & focus
  • This pose helps in strengthening the spine
  • Tones both arms & the upper body
  • Improves one’s overall balance & posture


  1. Start by standing in the Mountain Pose.  Then exhale slowly through the nose, contracting your abdomen and relaxing your shoulders as well as your neck. Then accordingly let your chin sink towards your chest.
  2. Begin a long, deep breath as you slowly raise your chin and arms, both palms facing upwards. Laos start lifting both of your arms and open your lungs allowing the air to flow in automatically.
  3. At the same time, rise on both of your toes until both of your arms are fully extended above your head. Then bring both of your hands together if you feel able, and then accordingly hold for a count of five.
  4. Then slowly exhale as you gracefully lower both of your arms and then sink onto your heels.
  5. Repeat this same process about five times.

Yoga Pose #2: chest opener

To start with this pose, try to move a little deeper into the stretch as you begin to arch backward and then bend forwards toward both of your knees.


  • Tones & firm’s the arms
  • Tones & firms one’s bust
  • Relieves the pain and tension in the neck & shoulders
  • Realigns the spine


  1. Start by standing in the Mountain Pose with your feet slightly apart. Then accordingly raise both of your arms to the shoulder height in front of you, and then bring them round behind your back and then clasp your hands.
  2. Arch backward to open the chest. While holding for a count of 10, breathing in position.
  3. Then accordingly, gently bend forwards, raising both of your arms behind your back.
  4. Don’t worry how far you are stretching or bending, just feel the stretch, and then accordingly listen to your body to avoid any injury or over-stretching.
  5. Hold this posture for a count of 20 as you slowly start to breathe, and then exhale as you return to an upright pose.

Yoga Pose #3: GODDESS pose

To start with the Goddess Yoga Pose, or also known as the Utkata Konasana, is a wide-legged squat that will help strengthen your hips and thighs.


  • This pose opens one’s hips & groin
  • It also strengthens the thighs
  • It also increases the overall body strength


  1. Start by standing in the Mountain Pose. And accordingly, bring your legs wide apart, and then turn your toes out as far as you are comfortable. Then slowly inhale and raise both of your arms to shoulder height, both palms facing down.
  2. Then accordingly exhale and then lower yourself into a squat position. Bend both your arms to about 90 degrees, again both of the palms facing forward.
  3. Keep your knees pulled back, to prevent any injury.
  4. Your hips will open as you start to lengthen your spine. If you need to rest your arms, bring both of your palms together in prayer posture. And the accordingly hold the position for about 20–30 seconds.

Note: If you have had any knee or hip surgery this yoga pose should only be attempted if your medical advisor approves it. It is usually advised to skip if in any doubt.

Yoga Pose #4: standing forward bend

With this article, we return to this intensive yoga pose/stretch. Without too much straining, try to bring your nose a little closer to your knees than you did in your yesterday’s practice.


  • This pose strengthens the back muscles
  • It also stretches the hamstrings
  • Tones one’s digestive organs
  • It can also relieve headaches


  1. Start with this pose by standing in the Mountain Pose, with your feet just slightly apart from each other.
  2. Then inhale as you raise both of your arms parallel above your head, both palms facing inwards.
  3. Then start by exhaling as you fold forwards from the hips. Grasp both of your elbows, and bring your nose as close to your knees as long as you are comfortable.
  4. You may also bend your knees slightly if the stretch is too intense. And then accordingly hold the same posture for a count of 20, also continue breathing in position.
  5. To release from this yoga pose, place both of your hands on the hips, and then slowly raise your upper body to the standing position as you start to exhale.

Yoga Pose #5: neck stretch

To start with this pose, always remember to move slowly and gently in this yoga pose, as you continue to remove the built-up tension from both of your neck and shoulders.


  • It releases the tension in the neck & shoulders
  • It also relieves one’s headaches
  • It also promotes deep relaxation


  1. Start by sitting on the floor, both legs drawn up in the lotus or half-lotus position, or simply crossed.
  2. Always keep the spine straight and then drop your head forwards so that your chin is resting on your chest.
  3. Roll your head to the right, slowly taking your right ear down towards your right shoulder.
  4. Then accordingly, roll your chin to your chest again and then take your left ear to your left shoulder. Repeat this process about 3–5 times.
  5. Drop your chin to your chest and then accordingly lift your head, to release the tension from your neck.
  6. Repeat this process about 3–5 times.


After you have learned all the above-mentioned yoga poses for today, perform them all in a dance-like sequence continuously to get the desired result. Don’t forget to pause in between the poses if you need to rest. Practice the Neck Stretch just once at the end of this session/routine.

  • CHEST OPENER: Repeat 3 times
  • GODDESS POSE: Repeat 5 times
  • STANDING FORWARD BEND: Repeat three times
  • NECK STRETCH: Repeat 3 times

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