Mind & Body Balance Yoga Sequences

Mind & Body Balance Yoga Sequences

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Yoga is more than physical exercise. Some of us tend to forget about this, but we will reconnect you with the meditative aspect of yoga in this article with a few very effective yoga sequences.

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Source: Yoga with Kassandra

Yoga Sequences #1: Mind & Body Balance

Hold the below-mentioned yoga poses for at least 30 seconds, but keep your breathing even and controlled.

1. Open with the Mountain Pose. Try to hold it for nine even breaths.

2. Open your chest with the Reclined Hero Pose. Feel free to use a bolster below the fifth thoracic vertebra, and there’s no problem with fully extending your legs either.

3. Go into the Cobra Pose.

4. Go into the Reclining Hand to Toe Pose.

5. Go into the Standing Half Forward Bend Pose.

6. Lie supine on a folded blanket and concentrate on your breathing for 10 minutes. Keep your palms up.

7. Enter into a comfortable seated pose (such as the Hero Pose) and meditate. Use one hand to massage your chest, and think of love and gratitude for your life. Hold this meditation for 5 minutes, then release gently and open your eyes, slowly and smiling.

Source: Yoga With Adriene

Yoga Sequences #2: 12-Minute Sequence for Bone Health

Whether you’re interested in staving off osteoporosis or strengthening your bones for the sake of becoming fitter, this 12-minute yoga sequence will boost your protective bone mass.

Try holding each pose for about 30 seconds (per side too, when applicable).

1. Start with the Tree Pose.

2. Go into the Extended Triangle Pose.

3. Go into the Warrior Pose II.

4. Go into the Extended Side Angle Pose.

5. Go into the Locust Pose.

6. Go into the Revolved Triangle Pose.

7. Go into the Bridge Pose.

8. Go into the Reclining Hand to Toe Pose.

9. Go into the Reclining Hand to Toe Pose, but instead of raising your legs toward the ceiling, stretch them out to their respective sides while gazing up.

10. Close with the Corpse Pose.

Mixing these yoga sequences with cardio and strength training will yield even better results!

Source: Yoga With Bird

Yoga Sequences #3: Supine Sequence

1. Lie down on the floor, stretch your legs out, and place your hands by your sides.

2. Bend your legs and place your feet on the floor, keeping the ankles aligned with your knees vertically. Lift your hips off the floor, and perform Bridge Pose.

3. From the bridge pose, lie down on your back. Bend your knees and keep the soles of your feet on the floor. Place the right ankle on the outer side of the left thigh. Pull your left foot toward your body, slide your right hand through the legs and curl it around the left thigh. You can also clasp your left thigh with your hands. Pressing with your hands, draw the left thigh closer to your chest. Relax your feet.

4. Release the pose, and stretch your legs forward. Relax and twist your torso to your left, placing your right foot outside the left thigh.

5. After that, stretch your legs and keep your hands by your sides. Bend your right leg and draw the right foot towards your chest. Hold the big toe of the right foot with your right hand, and stretch the leg straight in Reclining Hand-to-Toe Pose. Repeat the same with the other leg. Stretch your legs.

6. Bend your legs and bring your knees forward. Hold your feet to go into Happy Baby Pose.

7. Place your legs back on the floor, bring the soles of the feet together, and perform Reclining Bound Angle Pose.

Source: Root 2 Rise Yoga with Michelle Chua

Yoga Sequences #4: Contentment Cultivation Sequence

If the waves of life seem unforgiving, there’s no need to fret!

Try this yoga sequence to prove to yourself that you have, within your body, the grace and strength needed to navigate through those choppy waters.

Open this yoga sequence with three to five rounds of Sun Salutations, and then carry on with the poses, holding each for at least 30 seconds:

1. Go to the Child Pose, then into the Upward Facing Dog Pose, and lastly the Downward Facing Dog Pose.

2. Go into the Garland Pose.

3. Go into the Downward Facing Dog Pose, but instead of leaving your arms on the ground, grasp each outer ankle with the opposite arm (i.e., grab your right outer ankle with your left hand) for 3 to 5 breaths. 4. Enter the Downward Facing Dog Pose again, but this time, step your right foot in between your hands, move your back foot a few inches to the left, and dig your back heel into the Earth. Reach your arms behind you, toward the ceiling, and interlace your fingers. Hold the position for a few breaths and switch to the other side.

5. Enter the Plank Pose, but walk your hand and lower your torso until you’re resting on top of your forearms.

6. Go into the Cobra Pose.

7. Enter the Locust Pose and try clasping your hands together.

8. Go into the Warrior Pose II.

9. Go into the Extended Side Angle Pose.

10. Go into the Monkey Pose, and then rise into the Low Lunge Pose. Once done, reverse your legs and repeat.

11. Enter the Low Lunge and put your arms into the Cow Face Pose.

12. Go into the Downward Facing Dog Pose, then into the Upward Facing Dog Pose (make sure your knees don’t reach the floor). Repeat from five to twenty times, and end by resting in the Child Pose.

13. From the Child Pose, rest on your forearms, slide your knees wide open, and turn your feet until your ankles and knees are in line (each ankle forming a 90° angle with your hips).

14. Puff your chest and raise your legs in the Bow Pose.

15. Enter the One-Legged King Pigeon Pose I, but place your hands on the ground beside your front knee, palms off the floor, with your fingertips resting flat on the ground. Liftback and bend forward on one side three to five times, step into the Downward Facing Dog Pose, and then repeat the exercise on the other side.

16. Close the sequence with the Corpse Pose.

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