Powerful Daily Affirmations: 365 Daily Affirmations

Powerful Daily Affirmations: 365 Daily Affirmations

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This article on powerful daily affirmations is dedicated to all of us who want life to be easy. Changing our lives for the better does not have to be difficult work. Thinking one or two new powerful positive daily affirmations a day is the way. One day at a time and life becomes sublime.

What Are Powerful Daily Affirmations?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with affirmations and have never worked with them, I’d like to explain a   little about what they are and how they work. Very simply, an affirmation or Powerful Daily Affirmations is anything you say or think. A lot of what people normally say and think is quite negative and doesn’t create good experiences. You have to retrain your thinking and speaking into positive patterns if you want to heal your life.

A Powerful Daily Affirmations opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change. In essence, you’re saying to your subconscious mind: “I am taking responsibility. I am aware that there is something I can do to change.” When I talk about doing Powerful Daily Affirmations, I mean consciously choosing words that will either help eliminate something from your life or help create something new in your life.

Every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation or powerful daily affirmations. All of your self-talk, your internal dialogue, is a stream of powerful daily affirmations. You’re using affirmations every moment whether you know it or not. You’re affirming and creating your life experiences with every word and thought.

Your beliefs are merely habitual thinking patterns that you learned as a child. Many of them work very well for you. Other beliefs may be limiting your ability to create the very things you say you want. What you want and what you believe you deserve may be very different.  You need to pay attention to your thoughts so that you can begin to eliminate the ones creating experiences you do not want in your life.

Please realize that every complaint is some powerful daily affirmations of something you think you don’t want in your life.   Every time you get angry, you’re affirming that you want more anger in your life.   Every time you feel like a victim, you’re affirming that you want to continue to feel like a victim. If you feel that Life isn’t giving you what you want, then it’s certain that you will never have the goodies that life gives to others—that is, until you change the way you think and talk.

You’re not a bad person for thinking the way you do.  You’ve just never learned how to think and talk.   People throughout the world are just now beginning to learn that thoughts create experiences. Your parents probably didn’t know this, so they couldn’t possibly teach it to you.

They taught you how to look at life in the way that their parents taught them. So nobody is wrong.  However, it’s time for you to wake up and begin to consciously create your life in a way that pleases and supports you. You can do it. I can do it. We all can do it—we just need to learn how.

Through this platform, I’ll talk about specific topics and concerns, from self-esteem and fearful emotions to critical thinking and forgiveness; from health and aging to job success, money and prosperity; and from loving yourself to friendship, love, and intimacy.   I will also give you some powerful daily affirmations exercises that will show you how to make positive changes in these areas.

Some people say “powerful daily affirmations don’t work” (which is an affirmation in itself), when what they mean is that they don’t know how to use them correctly.  They may say, “My prosperity is growing,” but then think, Oh, this is stupid, I know it won’t work.  

Which affirmation do you think will win out? The negative one, of course, is because it’s part of a long-standing, habitual way of looking at life. Sometimes people will say their affirmations once a day and complain the rest of the time. It will take a long time for affirmations to work if they’re done that way.   The complaining affirmations will always win, because there are more of them, and they’re usually said with great feeling.

However, saying powerful daily affirmations is only part of the process. What you do the rest of the day and night is even more important.  The secret to having your affirmations work quickly and consistently is to prepare an atmosphere in which they can grow. Powerful daily affirmations are like seeds planted in soil. Poor soil, poor growth. Rich soil, abundant growth. The more you choose thoughts that make you feel good, the quicker the affirmations work.

So think happy thoughts. It’s that simple. And it is doable. The way you choose to think, right now, is just that—a choice. You may not realize it because you’ve thought this way for so long, but it is a choice.

Now… today… this moment… you can choose to change your thinking. Your life won’t turn around overnight, but if you’re consistent and make the choice daily to think thoughts that make you feel good, you’ll make positive changes in every area of your life.

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Powerful Daily Affirmations: 365 Daily Affirmations

  1. I choose to feel good about myself each day. Every morning I remind myself that I can choose to feel good. This is a new habit for me to cultivate.
  2. I am always presented with new and wonderful opportunities. I flow with what is happening at the moment.
  3. I now accept and appreciate the abundant life the Universe offers me.
  4. Love is the miracle cure. Loving myself works miracles in my life.
  5. Changes can begin at this moment. I am willing to change.
  6. I am pleased with all that I do. I am good enough just as I am.
  7. It is my birthright to live fully and freely.
  8. I allow my income to constantly expand, and I always live in comfort and joy.
  9. I recognize my body as a good friend.
  10. I am the creative power in my world. I express myself creatively as much as possible.
  11. Good now flows into my life from channels.
  12. My heart is open. I am willing to release all resistance.
  13. I have the perfect living space. It is safe and filled with loving thoughts.
  14. I am one with the power and wisdom of the Universe. I have all that I need.
  15. I am unlimited in my ability to create the good in my life.
  16. I breathe freely and fully. Breath is the basis of life.
  17. I have many dreams, and I know that I deserve to have these dreams come true.
  18. Equality and world peace begin with me. Today I express loving-kindness to all.
  19. I am patient, tolerant, and diplomatic.
  20. I only speak positively about those in my world. Negativity has no part in my life.
  21. I rejoice in new growth. I leave all reservations behind me.
  22. I give a portion of my time to helping others. It is good for my health.
  23. I laugh at life (and at myself) and choose not to be offended by anyone or anything.
  24. I say yes to Life, and Life abundantly supplies me with everything I need.
  25. I am responsible for all of my experiences.
  26. Every bridge I cross brings me to a higher level of fulfillment.
  27. Everyone changes and I allow a change in everyone.
  28. It is safe for me to be flexible enough to see others’ viewpoints.
  29. No person, place, or thing has any power over me, for I am the only thinker in my mind.
  30. There is no need for me to struggle. I trust the Universe to take care of me.
  31. I release and let go. I gladly give away all that I no longer need.
  32. I learn my life lessons easily and effortlessly.
  33. My day begins and ends with gratitude.
  34. I view all experiences as opportunities for me to learn and grow.
  35. It is always easy for me to adapt and change. I am flexible and flowing.
  36. All that I seek is already within me.
  37. Whatever I need to know is revealed to me at exactly the right time.
  38. I accept miraculous occurrences in my world.
  39. I now release all expectations, and I know that I am taken care of.
  40. I act with honor and integrity in all that I do.
  41. Every person, place, and thing on this planet is interconnected with love.
  42. I constantly find new ways of looking at my world. I see beauty everywhere.
  43. I am joyously exuberant and in harmony with all of life.
  44. I handle all my experiences with wisdom, love, and ease.
  45. Divine peace and harmony surround me at all times.
  46. I respect others for being different, but not wrong. We are all one.
  47. I have perfect faith in the Universe and its ability to support my every need.
  48. I appreciate everyone and everything.
  49. I allow change to occur without resistance or fear. I am free.
  50. Everything that surrounds me serves a purpose.
  51. I go back to the basics of life: forgiveness, courage, gratitude, love, and humor.
  52. I give to live exactly what I want life to give to me.
  53. I am not responsible for other people. We are all under the law of our consciousness.
  54. My joyful thoughts create my joyful world.
  55. I have my own set of talents and abilities.
  56. I now release anger in positive ways. I love and appreciate myself.
  57. I keep my thoughts centered on what I wish to experience.
  58. I am equally blessed with love, harmony, and joy. I take in life in perfect balance.
  59. The Ocean of Life is lavish with its abundance. Golden opportunities are everywhere.
  60. I see clearly. I now create a life I love to look at.
  61. I allow my love to flow freely. My supply of love is endless.
  62. I feed my body nourishing foods and beverages, and I exercise in fun ways.
  63. I love life! I am glad to be alive!
  64. I feel good about everyone I meet. All my Relationships are healthy and nourishing.
  65. Even my “flaws” have good and helpful aspects.
  66. I always do my best because it helps me grow.
  67. I feel the love of those who are not physically with me.
  68. I take pleasure in my solitude.
  69. I love and approve of myself.
  70. I focus on breathing to ground myself.
  71. Following my intuition and my heart keeps me safe and sound.
  72. I make the right choices every time.
  73. I draw from my inner strength and light.
  74. I trust myself to be honest with myself and others.
  75. I am a unique child of this world.
  76. I am an inspiration to others.
  77. I matter and what I have to offer also matters.
  78. I trust my inner wisdom and intuition.
  79. I breathe in calmness and breathe out nervousness.
  80. This situation works out for my highest good.
  81. Wonderful things unfold before me.
  82. I forgive myself for things I have done in the past.
  83. I let go of my anger so I can see clearly.
  84. I accept responsibility for the consequences of my anger.
  85. I replace my anger with understanding and compassion.
  86. I offer a heartfelt apology to those affected by my anger.
  87. I know my wisdom guides me to the right decision.
  88. I trust myself to make the best decision for me.
  89. I receive all feedback with appreciation.
  90. I listen lovingly to this inner conflict and reflect on it until I find peace about it.
  91. I love my family even if they do not understand me completely.
  92. I show my family I love them in verbal and non-verbal ways.
  93. I am paired with this family because we are well matched.
  94. I choose to see my family as a gift.
  95. I am a better person because of my hardships and achievements.
  96. I refuse to give past events power over my present or future.
  97. I embrace the rhythm and the flow of my own heart.
  98. All that I need comes to me at the right time and place in this life.
  99. I am delighted with who I am.
  100. I am much more than adequate; I’m phenomenal!
  101. I give up the habit of criticizing myself.
  102. I develop the mindset to praise myself.
  103. I fully approve of who I am, even as I better myself.
  104. I am a good person at all times of the day and night.
  105. When I breathe, I inhale confidence and exhale doubt.
  106. I love meeting new people and approaching them with confidence and interest.
  107. I live in the present and am confident of the future.
  108. My personality exudes confidence because I am bold and outgoing.
  109. I am self-reliant, creative, and persistent in everything I do.
  110. I am energetic, enthusiastic, and confidence is my second nature.
  111. I am a problem-solver and always find the best solution.
  112. I love change and easily adapt to new situations.
  113. I am well-groomed, healthy, and full of confidence.
  114. My outer self matches my inner well-being.
  115. I thrive on self-confidence, which chips away at all my doubts.
  116. I focus only on the good in others.
  117. I attract positive, confident people because I am one of them.
  118. I approve of myself and love myself completely.
  119. I feel good about the direction of my life and being me.
  120. My inner wisdom is my best guide.
  121. I have integrity, am reliable, and am true to my word.
  122. I act from a place of personal security.
  123. I accept that I am worthy of great things in life.
  124. I choose to be proud of myself.
  125. I find deep inner peace within myself.
  126. I fill my mind with positive, nourishing thoughts.
  127. My confidence, self-esteem, and inner wisdom increase each day.
  128. I choose not to compare myself to others because we are all different.
  129. I compare myself only to my highest self.
  130. My life, experiences, beliefs, and actions inspire and benefit others.
  131. I am happy in my skin and my circumstances.
  132. I see myself as a gift to people in my community and nation.
  133. I am safe and sound. All is well.
  134. Everything works out for my highest good.
  135. There is an important reason that this is unfolding now.
  136. I have the intelligence and the ability to get through this.
  137. I can solve my problems through my diligence.
  138. I follow my dreams no matter what.
  139. I am patient when helping loved ones understand my dreams.
  140. I ask my loved ones to support my efforts.
  141. I answer questions about my goals without getting defensive.
  142. I am loved even when people don’t share my dreams.
  143. I accept everyone as they are and continue to pursue my dreams.
  144. My partner is coming into my life sooner than I expect.
  145. My heart is always open.
  146. I am surrounded by love.
  147. I love unconditionally and without hesitation.
  148. I am loved and appreciated by those around me.
  149. Love and appreciation follow me everywhere I go.
  150. Love, forgiveness, and understanding are the foundation of my relationships.
  151. I give and receive love in equal measures.
  152. I accept my partner unconditionally.
  153. I am treasured for who I am.
  154. My relationship is becoming stronger, deeper, and more loving.
  155. My friendships are meaningful, supportive, and rewarding.
  156. My friends love me for who I am.
  157. I have long-lasting friendships because I accept others, unconditionally.
  158. I attract positive people, who become life-long friends.
  159. I surround myself with friends who care about me and treat me well.
  160. I can tell the difference between fair-weather friends and true friends.
  161. I surround myself with people who treat me well.
  162. I take the time to show my friends that I care about them.
  163. My friends do not judge me.
  164. I take great pleasure in my friends and our differences.
  165. I feel relaxed and comfortable around other people.
  166. I enjoy meeting new people and initiating conversations.
  167. I am outgoing and enrich other people’s lives.
  168. I’m excited about the amazing people I meet today.
  169. I’m easy to talk to and make others feel at ease.
  170. I take comfort in the fact that I can always leave a situation.
  171. I am amazed by the creativity of the people I meet.
  172. The company of strangers teaches me more about myself.
  173. I radiate love and others reflect love to me.
  174. I am loving and lovable.
  175. My romantic relationship is healthy, long-lasting, and full of love.
  176. My partner is kind, compassionate, and understanding.
  177. My marriage grows stronger, deeper, and more stable each day.
  178. I am with my soulmate and we share a life full of love.
  179. Life is full of love and I find it everywhere I go.
  180. My relationship is divine and we are perfectly matched.
  181. My partner and I have a deep understanding.
  182. Forgiveness and compassion are the foundation of my romantic relationship.
  183. It is easy for me to look in the mirror and say, “I love you.”
  184. My words are always kind and loving.
  185. I receive kindness and love multiple times a day.
  186. Every day of my life is filled with love.
  187. My communication with my partner is loving and kind.
  188. Everything about me is lovable and worthy of love.
  189. I am a loving, kind person who deserves true love.
  190. I wake up every morning filled with joy.
  191. I face each day with the support and love of my partner.
  192. All of my relationships are based on mutual love and compassion.
  193. My partner and I share a deep and powerful love.
  194. I respect and admire my partner and see the best in him/her.
  195. I love my partner exactly how he/she is and enjoy his/her unique qualities.
  196. My partner and I share emotional intimacy via talk and touch.
  197. I have healthy boundaries with my partner.
  198. My partner and I have fun together.
  199. My partner and I find new ways to enjoy time together.
  200. My partner and I resolve conflict peacefully and respectfully.
  201. I can be completely authentic in my love relationship.
  202. I communicate my desires and needs clearly and confidently with my partner.
  203. I want the best for my partner and support him/her.
  204. Prosperity and Abundance – Positive Affirmations
  205. I am surrounded by abundance.
  206. I attract money effortlessly and easily.
  207. I continuously discover new avenues of income.
  208. I am open to all the wealth life has to offer.
  209. I use the money to better other people’s lives.
  210. I attract lucrative opportunities to create money.
  211. I see abundance everywhere.
  212. I am more and more prosperous every day.
  213. My life is full of prosperity.
  214. I deserve abundance and prosperity.
  215. I am a money magnet, attracting wealth and abundance.
  216. I instantly manifest my desires.
  217. I manage my money wisely.
  218. I’m eager and willing to share abundant gifts and blessings.
  219. I am sometimes meant to deliver a gift/blessing rather than keep it.
  220. I always have whatever I need.
  221. I am destined to find prosperity in everything I do.
  222. I am thankful for the abundance I have in my life.
  223. My gratitude and appreciation attract an abundance of every kind.
  224. I maintain my wealth so I can help others.
  225. I enjoy my prosperity and share it freely with the world.
  226. I am responsible for being a good steward of the abundance and wealth provided.
  227. I rejoice for others who are prosperous and share the abundance.
  228. I pay bills before they are due to share the wealth with the company’s employees.
  229. Today is the future I created yesterday. Tomorrow will be even better!
  230. I am healthy, energetic, and optimistic.
  231. Every day I get healthier and more fit.
  232. I care for my body by eating a healthy, well-balanced diet.
  233. I exercise regularly to strengthen my body.
  234. My body vibrates with energy and health.
  235. I am completely pain-free and my body is energized.
  236. I nourish my body with healthy foods.
  237. My body systems function perfectly.
  238. My body is healing, and I feel better every day.
  239. I enjoy exercising and strengthening my muscles.
  240. I release stress in my body with every exhaled breath.
  241. I send love and healing to every organ of my body.
  242. I breathe deeply, exercise regularly, and feed my body nutritious food.
  243. I pay attention to what my body needs for health and vitality.
  244. I sleep soundly and peacefully.
  245. I am surrounded by people who encourage and support healthy choices.
  246. My immune system is strong and deals with any bacteria, germs, or viruses.
  247. My body, mind, and soul work together efficiently to keep me healthy.
  248. I love everything about my body.
  249. I appreciate my body’s unique traits.
  250. I am thankful for the shape of my body.
  251. My body is beautiful and appealing.
  252. I stay up to date about my health issues.
  253. I take care of my body and exercise every day.
  254. My body is healthy and full of energy.
  255. I am very grateful I am at this weight.
  256. I crave healthy, nutritious foods.
  257. I love the taste of fruits and vegetables.
  258. I appreciate every cell in my body.
  259. People find me sexy and desirable.
  260. I am filled with excitement when I look in the mirror.
  261. I am grateful for my life force and energy.
  262. Everything I think, say, and do makes me healthier.
  263. I crave new, healthy experiences.
  264. My job adds satisfaction and fulfillment to my life.
  265. My career provides me with the right opportunities to grow.
  266. I am valued and appreciated at my workplace.
  267. I perform my duties with the greatest diligence and attention.
  268. My work has had a profound impact on this world.
  269. I enjoy and find my work fulfilling.
  270. I play a big role in my career success.
  271. I engage in work that inspires others in my profession.
  272. I believe in my ability to change the world with the work that I do.
  273. My work/business makes a profound difference in this world.
  274. I am building a successful business.
  275. I create value with my services.
  276. My business is a gift to this world.
  277. I am a better businessman/businesswoman because of my mistakes.
  278. I further my career with every action I take.
  279. I have my dream job.
  280. I love every day that I work.
  281. My career brings me closer to my family.
  282. My job brings me financial abundance.
  283. My co-workers love being around me.
  284. My boss values the work I do.
  285. I am a valued employee.
  286. My clients appreciate and value my work.
  287. I attract new clients every day.
  288. My positive attitude, confidence, and good work attract new opportunities.
  289. I am enthusiastic and excited about my work.
  290. My enthusiasm about my job is contagious.
  291. My workplace is peaceful and full of praise.
  292. I speak positively about my co-workers.
  293. My co-workers speaking positively about me.
  294. I am rewarded for doing my best.
  295. Every choice I make leads to bigger and better opportunities.
  296. I find something positive about every situation.
  297. I find optimistic ways of dealing with difficulties.
  298. I find ways to praise others and offer helpful suggestions.
  299. I find the best solutions to problems by listening and learning from others.
  300. I gain valuable insights from today’s experiences.
  301. Today, I commit to giving others what I want to receive.
  302. I use strategies that motivate me to move forward.
  303. I look at things from multiple perspectives to see the big picture.
  304. I choose to participate fully in my day.
  305. I take a mini-break from the problem to let my subconscious find the answer.
  306. I seek a new way of thinking about this situation.
  307. My answer is before me, as I look carefully at the details.
  308. I believe in my ability to find and navigate the path that’s right for me.
  309. I release my need to have the approval of others.
  310. I gain joy, fulfillment, and happiness from this day.
  311. I have all it takes to make this day productive.
  312. I face difficulties with courage and determination.
  313. I am excited to see today’s blessings revealed.
  314. New and exciting opportunities manifest in my life continually.
  315. I always find ways to get back on track.
  316. I choose to free myself from all negativity that hampers my progress.
  317. I am in control of my life.
  318. I believe in my ability to gain valuable insights from this situation.
  319. I have faith in my ability to pursue my dreams no matter what.
  320. My family and friends support me, even if they don’t share my dreams.
  321. I help others to accomplish their dreams.
  322. I have compassion when others don’t understand my dreams.
  323. I have all the support and help I need.
  324. I am successful in whatever I do.
  325. I can become successful in life using lessons from my mistakes.
  326. I am successful because I leave no stone unturned.
  327. I attract success.
  328. I pursue success that is personalized specifically for me.
  329. I know what motivates me best and use it to my advantage.
  330. I remind myself why I want to achieve my goal, so I don’t give up.
  331. I press on because I believe my path will prepare me for success.
  332. It is always too early to give up on my goals.
  333. My most important goal is to be at peace, regardless of the situation.
  334. I make a conscious choice to be happy.
  335. My body is relaxed. My mind is calm. My soul is at peace.
  336. I feel joy and contentment at this moment.
  337. I awaken feeling happy and enthusiastic about life.
  338. I can tap into a wellspring of inner happiness anytime I wish.
  339. I inspire myself and others to be happy by modeling how to do it.
  340. I have fun in all of my endeavors, even the most mundane.
  341. I look at the world around me and can’t help but smile and feel joy.
  342. I find joy and pleasure in the simple things of life.
  343. I have an active sense of humor and love to laugh with others.
  344. My heart is overflowing with joy.
  345. I am brimming with energy that lifts my spirits throughout the day.
  346. I rest peacefully and soundly, knowing all is well in my world.
  347. I focus on the details of the present moment.
  348. I am focused and engaged in the current task.
  349. I am grateful for this moment, which enriches my life.
  350. I observe my thoughts and actions without judging them.
  351. I participate fully in all of my relationships.
  352. I make even everyday events memorable, happy occasions.
  353. I accept and embrace all experiences, even unpleasant ones.
  354. I observe my emotions without getting attached to them.
  355. I meditate easily without resistance or anxiety.
  356. I release the past and live fully in the present moment.
  357. I stay calm in frustrating situations. I forgive myself and others.
  358. I forgive myself and set myself free.
  359. I feel tolerance, compassion, and love for all people, myself included.
  360. My home is a peaceful sanctuary where I feel safe and happy.
  361. In all that I say and do, I choose peace.
  362. I release past anger and hurts, replacing them with serenity and peaceful thoughts.
  363. I envision peace descending around me like a protective cloak.
  364. I project peaceful thoughts and feelings into the world and beyond.
  365. It is safe for me to go beyond my parents’ limitations. I am free to be me.

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