Established in 2020

ProKensho is a professional mindfulness platform, where we provide various mindfulness-related services such as Mindfulness Meditation, Mindful Eating Guide, Mindful Sleeping Guide, Mindfulness for Anxiety, etc. On ProKensho, we believe in contributing to everyone’s journey, even if that means a tiny contribution.

Mindfulness is a wonderful practice, and if you are here on this platform, that means you have already experienced the miracles of mindfulness that arise when your awareness is focusing on this moment. When we offer ourselves the opportunity to pay attention, we discover a new world, sensations, thoughts, emotions, sounds, and all of these foremost the direction that is rich, unique, and ever-changing.

As we pay attention, our curiosity grows and curiosity helps us let go of judging and open mind urge that we lose the desire to jump to conclusions. Instead, we realize, we have the freedom to choose how to respond, what to say, and even which view we take of a situation.

The path of Mindfulness often creates a greater appreciation of life, more happiness, less suffering, and even better sleep.

So now the question is, Why ProKensho, and given that you know how much mindfulness has helped you: why do you still find it so difficult to practice?

And this is the purpose that we on ProKensho want to help you with and aims to investigate. Resistance is a factor that comes up for everyone who attempts to undertake meditative practice. The word practice is the key, no one ever changes and genuinely understands mindfulness just by reading a book or watching a tutorial.

Mindfulness is a practice, not only that but it is meant to be a regular practice. Mindfulness is not a band-aid; meditation is like weaving a parachute and you don’t want to start weaving the parachute when you are about to jump out of the plane. You want to start weaving the parachute morning, noon, and night. Day in and day out and then when you finally need it, it might actually hold you.

So, the way we practice meditation is to do it every day to carve out some time each day that’s just your time for being. These days’ people who attend mindfulness courses or classes appreciate the if the practice is part of the package. In fact, often they attend the course after learning mindfulness from a book or from a blog.

So how do we make mindfulness work for you?

Mindfulness as described by the professionals is better than any hypothetical expensive health and mental care device.  Because to practice mindfulness, you don’t have to buy anything, or you don’t even have to spend your money on expensive medical treatments. Rather you already have what it takes to practice mindfulness because mindfulness doesn’t require you to follow a particular leader or belief.

Mindfulness origins are traced to historical Buddhist mediation practices, but the practice is tested by science to produce reliably positive results. Old, new, eastern, western, traditionalist, whoever you are, whatever you do, mindfulness is yours, and it works.

“Mindfulness meets you wherever you want to meet it.”

You can practice mindfulness individually, whenever, and wherever you want, or you can also practice it in a group setting if that’s what you prefer. (Or you can practice both)

You can use mindfulness as per your needs, for specific urgent matters like managing physical pain, or right before a stressful presentation. You can also use it as a daily consistent practice to get the accumulative benefits.

“On the way into mindfulness, no doors are closed, once you are in many others open.”

Practiced routinely over time, focusing on the moment to impact that much more than momentary. That’s why it’s called PRACTICE- Practicing mindfulness.

Practicing Mindfulness is a skill, and it’s a skill that keeps improving over time and as the positive contribution to our experience keeps growing it becomes more meaningful to us and the people around us. People who practice mindfulness over time agree that as we focus more on moment-to-moment awareness, as we get better at it, and as we accumulate it over time it becomes more and more beneficial.


Our mission is to create awareness by paying attention to the experience you are having while you are having it.


Our vision is to create awareness and a clear vision for mindful living. Because more mindful societies mean happier and healthier living.