How to Effectively Communicate at Work?

How to Effectively Communicate at Work?

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In this article, we’ll explore how to effectively communicate at work? And we’ll also provide some tips to implement to improve your relationships via effective communication at work.

Perhaps one of the reasons that effective communication in the workplace is being taken for granted in some workplaces is because some people don’t know what it means.

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I.      What is effective workplace communication, anyway?

Bosses just send emails to the managers, and the managers do the same to the supervisors. The supervisors then just relay important updates to the employees through text messages, Skype chat, or some other form of digital communication.

In the past, when there was important news to be shared with the workers of a company, the upper management would call for a meeting with the middle management, and the middle management would have a meeting with the workers afterward. 

These days, however, there just isn’t time to hold traditional meetings. The speed at which businesses move prevents people from connecting on a personal level, and people have learned to sacrifice face-to-face communication for faster business transactions.  

However, effectively communicating in the workplace is not limited only to how messages are sent.   Being able to effectively communicate at the workplace is essential for your career. Imagine the stress and failure you’d undergo if you’re not able to convey your true thoughts and brilliant ideas. 

While your colleagues succeed, you’re left wallowing in a corner because you can’t express your ideas, thoughts, and plans for your company. To assist you in effectively communicating at your workplace, here are steps you can implement.

II.   How to Effectively Communicate at Work?

1. How to Effectively Communicate at Work? Tip #1: Establish Convenient Venues of Communication

As personnel and part of a team, you have to establish a venue where your colleagues can communicate with you conveniently. You can connect with them online or offline. Having person-to-person communication is, of course, best because you can also interpret any non-verbal language. Let your colleagues know that you’re open to communication. 

2. How to Effectively Communicate at Work? Tip #2: Be Honest and Sincere

You can only become a better communicator if you’re honest and sincere. Conveying your message honestly will benefit you too because you can say what you want without fear. After all, you’re honest and sincere.

Couple this with diplomacy, though, so that there will be no bad blood between you and your colleagues. You must observe sincerity too because, without it, the message you want to convey can fall on deaf ears.   Your honesty and sincerity will shine through, and your colleagues will trust you more.

3. How to Effectively Communicate at Work? Tip #3: Settle Disputes Directly with the Person Concerned

You have to talk to the person concerned first, before anything else. Many employees report to higher-ups first, before talking to the person concerned. This is not the proper way to do it. You have to know the other person’s side first, and take it from there.  

Remember to observe honesty, tact, and respect when talking to this person. If he or she shouts, keep calm.   If he or she curses, don’t curse back. You can’t fight fire with fire. Choose the high road instead, and you’ll end up winning.

4. How to Effectively Communicate at Work? Tip #4: Listen More and Talk Less

A great conversationalist listens to more and talks less. You can communicate better this way. It’s a two-way process that allows you to convey what you want to say. When the person becomes aware that you’re not condescending or talking down, he or she will gradually loosen up and listen more to you.

5. How to Effectively Communicate at Work? Tip #5: Express Yourself Properly

Be articulate in your language and use brief but exact statements. Tactfulness, of course, is more important than brevity. Whenever you find yourself in a sticky situation, it’s better to use more words to be tactful than to be brief but rude.

Rudeness has no place in good communication.  Here are some pointers you can adapt to express yourself properly.

6. How to Effectively Communicate at Work? Tip #6: Talk in a normal manner

Don’t rush through your words or falter in your speech. Speaking in a normal manner signifies your desire to be heard correctly.  Avoid mumbling to yourself.

7. How to Effectively Communicate at Work? Tip #7: Maintain the proper distance

This will depend on the person you’re talking to. If the individual is superior, then you can position yourself a comfortable distance away from him or her. If it’s a friend, then you can stand closer. Don’t let the person misunderstand you just because you’ve kept an inappropriate distance.

8. How to Effectively Communicate at Work? Tip #8: Avoid mannerisms

Focus on the person you’re talking to and avoid mannerisms. Don’t play with your hair, or bite your fingernails while talking. These actions can be misconstrued negatively.

9. How to Effectively Communicate at Work? Tip #9: Listen attentively

Whether you’re speaking to a family member or a colleague, you have to listen attentively. What does the individual truly want to say? What’s the true meaning of his or her statements? 

10.   How to Effectively Communicate at Work? Tip #10: Show respect

Express yourself to the other person in a respectful manner, and you’ll likewise earn the other’s respect. You can emphasize a point by speaking calmly and respectfully.

11.   How to Effectively Communicate at Work? Tip #11: Use simple, understandable language

You have to adjust your language to the level of your receiver.   However, you don’t have to use highfalutin words to express your ideas.  The simpler your language is, the more understandable it is.

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