Effortless Mindfulness: A Glimpse of Awakening

Effortless Mindfulness: A Glimpse of Awakening

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Glimpsing in Mindfulness is not a normal way of meditating, as it’s not creating a meditating state. But it’s a way of immediately and intentionally shifting from our current state of mind into the already awake, already installed consciousness that’s aware without our help.

So in this article, we will be learning a way of letting go, of shifting, of tuning out of and turning into a different type of consciousness. That is a normal way of walking around the world. 

So we begin in this small thought-based way of knowing and doing and then we are going to shift into the NATURE OF MIND, which is a more awareness-based, spacious and pervasive, interconnected and open-hearted way of being and seeing.

We can begin by feeling the current constellation of consciousness. For most people, it’s within your head in the middle looking out of your eyes, so just begin to feel this way that we normally walk around and create this habit of I, me and mine is an important way to begin. So usually we observe from this focuser, from this looker, by being aware of our breath or being aware of an object.

But here we are going to begin by feeling the separate sense of health and noticing how it maintain itself and then willing to open or let go or shift, into this other already wake consciousness. The key is to be able to transition from thought-based knowing to unhook awareness and have it look back or feel the spacious and pervasive sense of being aware that isn’t located in one-pointed view.

Noticing that the small separate sense of self is a loop of thought going to thought, thought going to sensation and motion, going to subject and object, and that it is made of a functional part of our mind which is a problem-solving ego function.

So what we are going to do is just see what other that ego can let go or semi-retire from its ego identity and let the functioning part continue but be aware from this more awareness-based spacious and pervasive sense of being.

So the inquiry: What’s here now, when there is no problem to solve isn’t about going above and beyond all common issues or problems in your life. It’s recognizing that the thought-based identity is trying to solve the problem of self.  It’s trying to find gratification, happiness, awakening.

The discovery is that the main obstacle to finding this happiness is the small sense of self and it’s trying to find it.  So when this problem solver pattern relaxes we may be able to feel directly what’s here, who’s here, and where were we from that isn’t the small sense of self.

Effortless Mindfulness: How to start?

Just find a comfortable way of sitting, allow yourself to settle in, and feel the sense of the gravity of your body resting on a chair or on a comfortable cushion. 

So we are going to begin by asking this question and then I am going to ask you to immediately let go of the problem solver and notice with awareness where you are aware from.

So here is the inquiry:

What here now when there is no problem to solve?

Simply not going to thought, to orient, resting back and down to this awareness without going to sleep and just feel the sense of openness. Just notice where are you aware from, noticing what’s arising breath, sensation, pleasant or unpleasant.

Just noticing your mind and body as it is without trying to make it different and then just turning awareness back to be more interested in what’s aware of that content. 

So shifting from the content to the context. Notice the feeling of awareness that isn’t uncomfortable, that’s never agitated, that isn’t sleepy, and that’s wide awake. Notice that awareness is inherent within and arising as whatever sensations pleasant and unpleasant, emotions and thoughts are happening.

So just noticing this spacious and pervasive field of aliveness and awareness that can welcome everything. Doesn’t need to push anything away, doesn’t need to get anything to be okay. And just hang out here for another minute or so and then transition by opening your eyes and standing up and moving into your day from here. 

Effortless Mindfulness: Beyond the meditator

Let’s begin with a more traditional way of doing meditation and then continue beyond the mediator.

Just find a comfortable position or a way of sitting, allow yourself to settle in, and feel the sense of the gravity of your body resting on a comfortable chair or cushion. Notice sensations, thoughts, feelings, and then bring your attention to your breath.

As it rises and relaxes within your body, at your belly or your chest. Just noticing the breath at this one location the felt sense. This place of focus that you can continue to attend to and when you are focused wanders just gently bring it back to focus on this one area in your body and on which breath is moving. 

Just notice the felt sense of breath at this one specific area of your body, as your breath naturally comes and goes. As you notice this one specific area and feeling in your body, this focus of attention just gently shifts to be aware of where you are focusing from.

Notice the felt sense of the focuser where have you been watching your breath from, feel the mediator located in one point of view, one area, and now open to the space from which you are aware of your breath and aware of the focuser.

So you are able to be aware of both: where you are focusing and where you are focusing from. So the observer becomes the observe.

And now open up to feel the location of this spacious awareness, curiously open to see whether there is a boundary or a limit and if not continue to open and let go of any effort to remain bound. Open to this already awake, vast awareness that’s aware of your body breathing by itself, of these points of focus.

Feel the sense of boundless, timeless awareness that’s equally outside and within. Noticing your breath intimately from all around and directly from within and now noticing awareness happening by itself without effort, without concentration any of the ability to be both spacious and focused.

Notice the focus is not a detached place outside feel how the whole, feel the spacious pervasive awareness of subconsciousness itself is interconnected and free. Like a seamless ocean of awareness arising as your breath and your body without the need to create a focuser or meditator.

Just enjoying this effortless mindfulness is aware of the content, the context, and the seamless evenness. Just continuing to marinate without a meditator or a small self and feel this quality of okayness and alertness from which you could speak and could respond, embodied it open, effortlessly aware.

And if your eyes are close, continue allowing each sense to be open and receptive as you open your eyes and are able in the next few minutes to feel that you are able to remain at home to LIVE A LIFE OF EFFORTLESS MINDFULNESS.    

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