15 Different Types of Meditation You Need to Know About

15 Different Types of Meditation You Need to Know About

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In this article, we will explain the 15 most common types of meditations and their origins, we’ll also explain how you can start with each type of meditation, etc.

Meditation has evolved considerably over the past few years, and so has people’s interest in it, as life starts to get more and more complicated, more and more individuals are turning towards meditation and mindfulness practices to find true peace and calm and ways to get away from hectic day to day life.

And as a result, there are now so many ways and techniques one can adopt to start doing meditation, all they need is a little bit of time and a serious commitment to the practice. If you are someone who is always on the go and can’t dedicate much time to meditation, don’t worry, as even five minutes of meditation a day can do wonders for you if you know how to do it.

So, if you are the curious type, and if you are thinking of doing some research to find out about the different methods of doing meditation, then it may take you a few days because there so many types of meditation practices are out there, and some of them are traditional practices that were created in ancient times, and some of them are rather new.

So you have to consider various factors while determining which one is ideal for you while keeping in mind the factors such as the difficulty level of the meditation technique, which meditation technique is ideal for you, and which one you can do easily, as they all vary in difficulty level.

But that’s not even the worst part, the problem is that there are billions of articles, millions of videos, and thousands of courses out there on meditation and its types. So, choosing one among millions is a very tough job.

This is why, in this article, we will take a look at some of the most popular types of meditation, and we will discuss them in detail so that you can decide which one is ideal for you, and the one that you can simply try yourself.

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List of 15 types of meditation:

There are various types and forms of meditation, but the most common types of meditation that everyone needs to know are as follows:

1. Focused Attention Meditation

In this quiet and focused attention-based meditation, the meditator starts by focusing on their mind and a spotlight on an object; it is often a mantra, chant, or in some cases, a specific visual object. As the focused attention meditation goes deeper, the mind becomes more focused, attentive, and all the distractions fade away.

2. Open Monitoring Meditation

In this meditation type, people usually monitor every aspect of their thoughts, emotions, and minds. Internal and external signs are also considered and studied while determining how this stuff influences one’s mind.

3. Buddhist Meditation

There are various kinds of Buddhist meditation techniques one can follow, such as:

4. Zen Meditation:

Often referred to as a seated meditation technique by the Japanese. In Zen Meditation, one usually rolls in the hay while sitting on the ground over a cushion with both legs crossed during the entire meditation process.

One can also do this type of meditation on a chair (If they have any problem while sitting on the floor or ground). This type of meditation often helps in improving one’s concentration and focus.

5. Vipassana Meditation:

Also known as the “clear seeing” meditation, this type of meditation is very popular in India and it usually emphasizes a clear and focused mind and the development of one’s mind and soul in terms of awareness or concentration. It also combines various breathing exercises with focused meditation to train one’s senses, so that one can become aware of their bodily sensations.

6. Mindfulness Meditation:

This meditation is one the most common type and well- known meditation. The Mindfulness Meditation also came from Indian meditation practices such as “Vipassana”. Mindfulness meditation usually concentrates on being present and fully aware of one’s surroundings, it can also be defined as being present in the moment without any judgments.

So, even if you get distracted, you’ll easily influence your mind to bring back your attention to the present moment, and starts focusing on the rhythms of your breaths. You can also find various articles on Mindfulness here on ProKensho.com, so don’t forget to check them out.

7. Loving-Kindness Meditation:

This type of meditation is the best form of meditation that usually focuses on compassion and kindness meditation techniques. One must boost their ability to empathize with other people who are around them and pay attention to their feelings. One can start this type of meditation, by getting to know themselves and the key purpose of their life.

8. Hindu Meditation

This type of meditation is done while sitting down on the floor, and the mantras in this type of meditation are often used to focus the mind:

9. Mantra Meditation:

This meditation type is usually utilized in Hinduism religion and a few other Eastern traditions. With the help of Mantra Meditation, one can improve their overall concentration as Mantra Meditation specializes in the mantra being uttered.

Several famous mantras are used in this form of meditation such as ham, om, yam, Rama, and om mani Padme hum, etc. To keep track of the mantra Jaap, some people count beads. This type of meditation is beginner-friendly, and many people find this type of meditation very easy to try even in their hectic lifestyles.

10.   Transcendental Meditation:

This is another type of mantra meditation, but this form of meditation can only be performed with the help of a licensed meditation instructor. This meditation must be finished within 15 to twenty minutes after starting, and one needs to do this type of meditation at least twice each day to get the maximum benefits.

11.   Yoga Meditation:

This again is a very popular type of meditation, that helps many meditation practitioners, and before starting, one need to consider four key aspects, which are as follows: the principles of conduct, physical and bodily postures, breathing exercises and practices, and therefore the practices of traditional meditation.

Many forms and types of yoga meditation can assist and increase your concentration while improving your productivity, and relaxation through yoga meditation.

12.   Self-inquiry Meditation:

Also known as the “Atma Vichara”, which translates to self-inquiry meditation. This form of meditation often encourages its practitioners to learn about themselves from deep within. So, to start with this meditation, you can ask yourself what you’re doing and you can also pay attention to your surroundings, and who you’re with at the moment, with the help of your consciousness. Anyone who practices this form of meditation successfully attains inner peace and freedom.

13.   Chinese Mediation

Chinese Mediation has many form and types, which usually focuses on one’s being one with nature. This type of meditation also helps one in balancing one’s inner energy to help in achieving inner peace.

Taoist Meditation usually encourages people to achieve a way of balance with Nature or Tao. It also helps people to calm their thoughts and minds. It also guides them to find inner peace and acceptance without judgments. The Taoist meditation is often differing in nature and in terms of how this form of meditation is done and how often it is done, etc.

Qi Gong (Chi Kung) usually focuses on charging one’s self with life’s pure energy. This is a body-mind practice/exercise that usually combines a slow body movement with regulated breathing exercises similar to Tai Chi. This is an honest sort of traditional Chinese meditation technique for those people who want to have a more active and fit physical body.

14.   Christian Meditation

Christian Meditation is analogous to the traditional meditation practiced by Eastern. This kind and form of meditation are usually done with a specific mantra, prayer, and often with quiet contemplation.

15.   Guided Meditation

This form of meditation is ideal for beginners and for those people who wish to be directed step-by-step on how they might progress through their meditation process. Guided meditation is usually the most often used type of meditation technique, which is used in modern days by yoga instructors everywhere. The guided meditation can be done with the assistance of meditation professionals, yoga instructors, podcasts, guided imagery, etc.

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