How to Stay Healthy and Happy: The Habits of Being Happy

How to Stay Healthy and Happy: The Habits of Being Happy

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We may all have different abilities, interests and lifestyles, goals, values, beliefs, and expectations, but there’s one thing that we all have in common: we all want to stay healthy and happy.

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I.      How to Stay Healthy?

Folks are usually about as happy as they make their minds up to be. – Abraham Lincoln

How happy are you right now? How happy are you with your life in general, as a whole? Would you like to be happier? How much happier? Of course, it’s not possible to measure happiness; there’s no point system or way to measure the happiness flowing through your bloodstream. But we don’t need to be able to measure happiness to know whether we’re happy or not. And it seems that so many of us aren’t.

Levels of anxiety, stress, loneliness and depression appear to have escalated in recent years. The mental health charity Mind reports that, in England, one in six people report experiencing a common mental health problem (such as anxiety or depression) in any given week.

Even if you aren’t lonely or experiencing a mental health problem – even if your life is OK – it seems that the pressure to be happy and successful is greater than ever before. These days, it’s not just having money, a great job, a nice home, a good relationship, and lots of friends that defines a successful life, but how happy you are and how often you’re happy.

For many of us, it’s become important to appear super happy all the time; to share the happy news, post happy photos, tweet happy tweets. Due to social media’s obsession with joy, it can seem like everyone else is achieving nirvana levels of happiness and bliss.

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II.   Stay Healthy and Safe

It’s easy to feel bad about ourselves for not being happy. And that just makes us feel worse. How come life is so rosy for other people? Maybe you think happiness is a matter of luck. It’s not. Happiness is not a matter of coincidence or good luck.

Neither is happiness a matter of living a blameless life or being in the right place at the right time. Happiness isn’t given to you, you can’t expect someone else to make you happy, you can’t wait for the stars to align before you can be happy, and you can’t just be happy.

Quite simply, happiness is a matter of following your human instinct to find purpose and meaning, managing the challenges that come with finding purpose and meaning, and enjoying the small pleasures in life.

And we on ProKensho try to show you how to do that.

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III. Stay Healthy Tips: The Little Things in Life That Can Make You Happy

You will learn that happiness doesn’t happen by chance – it’s a result of the thought, time, and effort you put into pursuing and maintaining happiness. Happiness comes from identifying what’s important in your life – in the different areas of your life: your work, your relationships, your hobbies and interests, your health, and so on – and having aims and purpose in those areas.

Being happy – living according to your values, having goals, doing what is important to you and has meaning for you – not only involves making an effort and persevering, taking some risks, and making sacrifices. It also means stepping out of your comfort zone. There will always be challenges and difficulties involved in pursuing happiness, but if you don’t push yourself, nothing will change, and you won’t be happier.

IV.   10 Easy Ways to Stay Healthy and Happy

  1. Wash your hands and avoid stressful situations
  2. Avoid people who are sick and negative
  3. Eat whole foods
  4. Cut back on sugar and alcohol
  5.  Exercise regularly and practice mindfulness
  6. Stay hydrated and practice mindful eating
  7. Take vitamin C, and stay healthy eat healthily
  8. Take care of your gut
  9. Get enough quality sleep
  10. Manage stress and stay healthy with mindful living

V.      Why Be Happy and How Stay Healthy?

Finally, just in case you need some encouragement to make the effort to pursue happiness and a healthy and mindful lifestyle, you might find it helpful to know what some of the benefits of happiness are. When you’re living a happy life, you-

  1. feel engaged with the world around you, and you stay healthy
  2. have aims and goals that you can work towards and achieve,
  3. have good levels of confidence and positive self-esteem,
  4. build and maintain good relationships with others,
  5. more easily cope with the stresses of daily life,
  6. are more positive,
  7. more solution-focused,
  8. manage better during challenging times in your life,
  9. help those around you to be happy, and stay healthy

I hope with this article on stay healthy and Happiness you will learn how to make happiness a habit and stay healthy. I also hope you will discover how stay healthy, to live a good and mindful life; a life that, despite its inevitable ups and downs, is both meaningful and pleasurable.

A happy life!

P.S. Stay tuned on ProKensho to find more ways to stay healthy and happy

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