How to use daily meditation to calm your mind and relax your body?

How to use daily meditation to calm your mind and relax your body?

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Meditation is often considered the most radical thing a human being can do, It’s an art of mindfully shifting our moment to be more relaxed, available and even more importantly it’s a magical way to mindfully shift who we are in the future moments. So that when we operate in the real world we become more calm, fearless, and most importantly caring.

“Mindfulness meditation helps us focus on JUST BEING.”

Meditation is one of those things that can save your life, it can give you back the handle of your life. If you are currently driven by some restless force or negative energy in your life or if you can’t just shit or lie down and face your day-to-day problems? If you are a person who runs after everything in life and ends up with nothing in the end? Then this meditation guide is for you.

Meditation can give you a way to calm down without compromising your edge. Meditation can give you a doorway to find peace at the moment, and it can tell you how to stand in the world in a way where you are more present, more compassionate, and stronger. At the end of the day, meditation is a way to take responsibility for ourselves.

I.      So let’s start-

A. Daily Meditation Practice: Step 1-

Find a comfortable position to sit in, it can be a chair, on the ground, or maybe a cushion or on a yoga mat. The important thing about your meditation posture is that you want to be both comfortable and alert at the same time. So sit in a way where your body feels relaxed but also make sure your spine is straight.

It is okay to lie down and meditate if you are comfortable in that position but only if it’s easy for you to stay awake throughout the process. In terms of the eyes, most meditators like to meditate with their eyes closed, but it’s also okay to keep them open if you are uncomfortable.  

(Note- Please refer to this article for more information related to open eye-based meditation practice)

B. Daily Meditation Practice: Step 2-

Start by taking a few deep breathes, as you inhale, and as you stretch up the spine, finding that little bit of alertness as you exhale. So as you breathe out, soften your forehead, your cheeks, and your jaw. In the next exhale, soften your shoulders, your belly, your hands, and imagine that you are breathing out all of your tensions.

As you begin to get settled, remember “Meditation is just about sitting and being okay not doing anything”. It is an attitude of just accepting the moment for what it is and not making a big deal of it. This mindset is what helps us to relax from within more deeply.

And that’s what meditation is all about- Practicing the art of stillness.

So try to hold yourself in a way that is not uptight, and let everything be there. All the sounds, thoughts, sensations, and imagine you are sitting in the middle of it, and you are cool with everything going on.

That’s the basics of MEDITATION.

C. Daily Meditation Practice: Step 3-

Now if you want something, in addition, to do, like somewhere to rest your attention? Then you can pay attention to the feelings of your breath, how your hands are feeling, and the reaction of other parts of your body.

Try this for a while and think of meditation as a break or a reset, nothing to do, just sit and breathe, and practice being easy-going. It’s like you are sitting on a porch of your house, and you are half-listening to the sounds of birds chirping and the sounds of nature or maybe distant traffic. And absolutely nothing needs to be changed and different than it is.

Every time you breathe out, let things and your feelings settle a little bit more. If thoughts are happening, that’s okay. The trick with meditation is – JUST LET THEM PLAY AT A DISTANCE. They are like clouds, passing through the open and wide sky every moment and none of it is a BIG DEAL.

That’s the attitude, and that’s the stance, and relax for just one more minute. If I had to summarize what meditation does-

“I would rather say- It’s a practice and art of making your personal space. It is an act of saying to our crowded mind like – Hey, there is more room in here than you think. Let’s open things up a bit.” And as our attention relaxes- WE RELAX.

We become more available to what’s going on. It all has to come inside. 

II.   Conclusion-

This article is written to bring more clarity, calm, and joy to your life. Maybe you have joined us because you are looking for a way to lessen the stress and anxiety you feel on a day-to-day basis. Perhaps you would like to improve your mental health and enjoy a more restful sleep.

For many of us, these are difficult goals to attain, because we are experiencing more anxiety than ever before because of COVID-19. We all experience daily pressure to succeed and be the best, and we all are self-critical all the time. We all grind in the busy world every day and at the end of the fall on our beds exhausted.

Meditation practice, helps you to wake up, pay close attention, and become more present while focusing on just being. So that you can get the most out of your life. Meditation teaches us all kinds of new things like- How to more calmly respond in situations, and recognize our unhealthy habits. It also helps us become more tolerant, less judgmental, and kinder to ourselves and others. 

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