Yoga for Mindful focus

Yoga for Mindful focus

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Unlike the various kinds of workouts, you get at the gym, where the primary focus is on the physical body, and goals are often achieved through the grueling tests of endurance, the exercises, and yoga pose you perform here on are designed to be practiced rather more calmly and mindfully.

So as you begin with this session, empty your mind to get in the state of Zen and remove all of your daily thoughts (negative, positive doesn’t matter) and preoccupations, and pay close attention while focusing instead on the asanas as you work through them.

As you begin practicing them, try to feel each stretch in its all details, start focusing on your muscles as they lengthen and extend to perform the particular yoga poses.

Train your mind to feel and recognize the release of tension of your stiff body and experience the positive and calming energy that emerges as you begin exercising. Make sure to remind yourself before each session or practice that in yoga and mindfulness practices: one’s mind and body work together to achieve a lean, toned, and more flexible body and a calm yet focused and attentive mind.

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Yoga Poses for Mindful Focus

Pose #1: mountain pose

To start with this pose or for any pose as we have seen throughout our yoga guide articles, the Mountain Pose is the starting point of all the standing yoga poses. So let’s take our time and attention again today to focus on getting the pose right.


  • The mountain pose improves balance
  • It also tones one’s legs
  • The pose also helps in strengthening the spine & abdominal muscles


  1. To start with this pose, stand tall with both of your feet parallel, and big toes together. Firm and lengthen your thigh muscles and allow both of your arms to relax by your sides, both palms facing inwards.
  2. Accordingly, push into all four corners of your feet, while distributing your body weight evenly. After that, draw your shoulder blades gently back. Your head should be lifted, your spine should be long, and the tail bone should be tucked under, while your chin should remain parallel to the floor.
  3. Then, start to focus on your breathing, while paying close attention to the rhythms as you begin to inhale and exhale through your nose. Notice how your stomach expands with each inhalation, and then draws back in with each exhalation.
  4. Close both of your eyes if you are comfortable doing so, and take about 5–8 deep breaths while remaining still in this position.

Note: Press both of your hands together in front of your chest in what is called the Anjali Mudra, or the Prayer Pose. Press the heels of your hands and then all ten finger pads together while you draw both of your hands down towards your waist. Accordingly, Take about 5–8 deep breaths in this position.

Pose #2: warrior I

The second pose we are going to discuss is Warrior I, or also known as the Virabhadrasana, which is a standing forward lunge. It helps in forming and strengthening your legs and it also opens your chest and heart.


  • This pose often helps in strengthening the legs, especially one’s thighs
  • It also strengthens the spine
  • The Warrior I pose also stabilizes the hips, knees & ankles
  • It also helps in increasing one’s lung capacity


  1. Start by standing in the Mountain Pose, both arms by your sides.
  2. Then slowly exhale, and take a big step forwards with your left foot. Accordingly, rotate your right foot about 45 degrees outwards. Also, place both of your hands on your hips.
  3. Inhale and accordingly bend your left knee so that it is directly over your left ankle. Then slowly raise both of your arms overhead, bringing your palms together.
  4. Then accordingly, keep the heel of your right foot on the ground. Also, tip your head backward and then look at your hands overhead.
  5. Hold this pose for about five breaths. And then exhale as you return to the Mountain Pose.
  6. Repeat the same process accordingly on the other side as well.

Note: If you have any shoulder injury or pain, high blood pressure, or maybe heart concerns, keep both of your arms parallel to the ground. Then accordingly, skip this yoga pose if you have any knee pain or injury until it gets better.

Pose #3: triangle pose

Today we will move a step further with our asana practice with this intense triangle pose stretch.


  • This pose helps elongate & strengthen one’s spine
  • Helps in toning one’s legs
  • It also stimulates the liver, spleen & kidneys
  • It also builds strength & determination


  1. To start with this pose, stand in the Mountain Pose, both palms pressed together in front of your chest.
  2. Then step your feet to about 2–3 feet apart from each other. Raise both of your arms to the shoulder level as you begin to inhale, while both of your palms face down.
  3. Accordingly, turn your right foot and leg out to the side to about 90 degrees. Then accordingly, turn your left foot slightly towards the right heel.
  4. Then place your left hand on your hip. Continue to exhale as you slide your right arm down your right leg as far as it will go without straining too much. While keeping your chest open.
  5. Then continue while extending your left arm close to your ear, while keeping your elbow straight. Look straight ahead. Accordingly, hold this posture for a count of 10, still breathing in position.
  6. Repeat the same process on the other side as well.

Note: If you happen to have a heart condition or maybe high blood pressure: then it is advised for you to not go beyond Step 4. And then accordingly repeat the same thing on both sides.

Pose #4: bound angle pose

To start with this pose, press both of your knees down slightly further today than we did in our previous article, without straining too much.


  • This pose benefits urinary and reproductive organs
  • It also relieves the menstrual discomfort
  • Helps in stretching the thigh muscles
  • Helpful in Relieving the mild depression


  1. Start this pose, by sitting with both of your legs extended in front of you, both hands resting on the floor behind. Then gently bend both of your knees and press the soles of your feet together.
  2. Accordingly, bring both of your hands to the front and clasp your feet.
  3. Continue to exhale, and then gently ease both of your knees down towards the floor. And accordingly hold the most extreme position for a count of 20, while slowly breathing in position.
  4. Then accordingly release from the posture by raising your knees to your chest while sliding both of your hands up to the knees.  

Pose #5: half twist

This half-twist pose will gently twist your body while realigning the spine, but it also will firm your waistline.


  • This pose helps in massaging the digestive organs, aiding the elimination
  • It also helps in stimulating the lymph flow
  • It also strengthens the immune system
  • The half twist also calms the nervous system


  1. To start with this pose, sit on the floor, both of your feet together extended in front of you and the hands on the floor beside your hips.
  2. Slowly inhale to lengthen the spine and then accordingly press your sitting bones into the floor.
  3. Continue by Exhaling and by bending your right knee, drawing it towards your chest. Then place your right foot on the floor just outside your left knee.
  4. Then accordingly place your right hand on the floor behind you and also bring your left hand over to clasp your left knee.
  5. Afterward, starts gently twisting your head and neck as far as possible without putting too much pressure or straining to the right. Hold the same posture for about five full breaths.
  6. And then accordingly, return to the initial position and after while repeat the same process on the other side as well.


After completing all the poses, repeat the yoga poses in a flowing dance-like sequence continuously. Also, to finish the session, you can practice the triangle pose just once at the end of the routine.

  • MOUNTAIN POSE: Hold for 2-3 minutes
  • WARRIOR I: Repeat three times
  • TRIANGLE POSE: Repeat 3 times
  • BOUND ANGLE POSE: Repeat 5 times
  • HALF TWIST: Repeat 3 time

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