“Mindfulness is a trademark to human nature and inheritance to humanity that everyone already owns. But it’s an inheritance we often don’t realize we have, or we forget hidden by our brains.”


In this post, we will help you with how you can practice mindfulness in your experiences and beyond your routine mediation practices. 

Meditation is often considered the most radical thing a human being can do as it can give you back the handle of your life.


Do you want to get perfectly fit, flexible, and strong? If yes, then Yoga is a perfect choice for you. Yoga is considered the ultimate workout for your body and mind.


Seeing one’s (true) nature is a mindfulness platform where we provide various mindfulness services and easy-to-follow step-by-step guides. For us creating awareness regarding mindful living is very vital and with the help of our step-by-guide, you can reach the state of mindfulness where you have a clear vision of what’s happening within and around you. helps you with the daily mental training practice that helps you to be more mindful about your breathing, body, and mind. It also helps you in slowing down and teaches you how to practice calm for both your mind and soul. teaches how to pay attention and live in the moment while accepting yourself and letting go.

The founder of is Garima Malik. She started with her mindful journey with mindfulness in 2017 while pursuing her Post Graduation. During this period, she was facing some personal mental health issues like daily stress, lack of motivation or lack of interest, which is why as a student with a limited budget she started practicing mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness on a daily basis has become a part of her life and upon seeing some tremendous positive changes in her attitude toward life and work she wanted to create more awareness about mindfulness and how it can help millions of people who suffer from the same thing on a daily basis.

Yes, is for everyone as the core objective of is to contribute in everyone’s journey even if that means a tiny contribution. So, no matter where you are in the entire world, “ meets you wherever you want to meet it.”