Fun and Simple Yoga Poses for Kids

Fun and Simple Yoga Poses for Kids

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Thank you for choosing prokensho to explore yoga poses for kids. Yoga has many health benefits: it can improve strength, balance, and coordination, as well as promote confidence and mindfulness.

The simple poses in this article are perfectly suited for children ages 1–3 and are based on positions that young children naturally get into when they play. To ensure your child practices safely, encourage them to keep their joints “soft,” or bent.

Avoid pushing “flexibility,” since this can put stress on joints and muscles. You’ll find variations of the poses within this article. Yoga for young children is not about being perfectly in position—it’s about playing and having fun!

The order of the gentle poses has been designed to first engage, then energize, and finally relax your child.

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Source: Cosmic Kids Yoga

Fun and Simple Yoga Poses for Kids

Prep: Close your eyes. Take five long, deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Then let’s wriggle and warm up!

Yoga poses for Kids #1: Mountain Yoga Pose

Stand up tall and still like a mountain. Place both your feet firmly on the ground, and then let your arms fall by your sides, palms forward.

Benefit: This yoga pose makes you feel strong.

Yoga poses for Kids #2: Tree Yoga Pose

Stretch up as tall as the tree. Reach up. Then try balancing on one leg.

Benefit: This yoga pose is good for balance.

Yoga poses for Kids #3: Butterfly Yoga Pose

Can you sit like a beautiful butterfly? Hold your feet together and sit up straight. Then bounce your knees like wings flapping.

Benefit: This relaxes your lower back and thighs.

Yoga poses for Kids #4: Lion’s breath Yoga Pose

Breathe like a lion. Breathe in through your nose, then open your mouth wide, stick out your tongue, and let out your biggest breath!

Benefit: This pose wakes you up.

Yoga Poses for Kids #5: Frog Yoga Pose

Can you be a jumpy frog? Bend your knees and crouch low with your hands in front of you. Then jump up!

Benefit: This pose strengthens your legs and tummy.

Yoga Poses for Kids #6: Cat Yoga Pose

Get on all fours like a cat, arch your back, and tuck your chin in. Then push your tummy down, look up to the sky, and moo like a cow.

Benefit: Cat and cow pose loosen your back.

Yoga Poses for Kids #7: Downward-facing dog Yoga Pose

Stretch like a playful puppy. Put your hands and feet on the floor. Then push your bottom up to the sky, keeping your knees bent.

Benefit: This makes you feel full of energy.

Yoga Poses for Kids #8: Cobra Yoga Pose

Lie on your tummy like a snake. Then press your hands down to the ground and lift your head and chest.

Benefit: This strengthens your back.

Yoga Poses for Kids #9: Star Yoga Pose

Can you sparkle like a star? Step your feet wide apart and stretch your arms out straight. And the sparkle, sparkle.

Benefit: This pose stretches your body.

Yoga Poses for Kids #10: Crescent moon Yoga Pose

Reach your arms up high and lace your fingers together. Breathe in and out as you bend to each side.

Benefit: This helps strengthen your tummy and back.

Yoga Poses for Kids #11: Ragdoll Yoga Pose

Flop forward like a rag doll. Bend your knees and slowly roll down. Swing your arms in front of you.

Benefit: This pose calms your body.

Yoga Poses for Kids #12: Mouse Yoga Pose

Can you curl up like a little mouse? Start on your hands and knees. Then lay forward and snuggle.

Benefit: This pose relaxes you.

Yoga Poses for Kids #13: Cloud Yoga Pose

Let’s lie on a fluffy cloud. Hold onto your feet or ankles. Gently rock from side to side.

Benefit: This soothes your back.

Yoga Poses for Kids #14: Sloth Yoga Pose

The sleepy sloth is relaxing. Lay flat on your back. Place a hand on your tummy, and gently breathe in and out.

Benefit: This pose helps you rest.

Source: Fightmaster Yoga

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Let’s flow: Learn the sequence of the above-mentioned yoga poses

The first part makes your brain and body feel strong.

  • Mountain
  • Tree
  • Butterfly

The middle section helps you feel energized.

  • Lion’s breath
  • Frog (Squat)
  • Cat
  • Cow
  • Downward facing dog
  • Cobra
  • Star
  • Crescent moon

The final part calms you down and leaves you feeling relaxed.

  • Ragdoll (Forward bend)
  • Mouse (Child’s pose)
  • Cloud (Happy baby)
  • Sloth (Savasana)

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