12 Positive Affirmation Quotes and Sayings for Mindful Living

12 Positive Affirmation Quotes and Sayings for Mindful Living

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ProKensho.com is all about learning how to pay attention to the present moment. So if you strive to be more awake in your daily life, if you feel stressed, and want to improve your relationships or gain more resources to get you through hard times, then the twelve quotes in this article will help you foster the calm, sustained and more mindful inner state that leads to rejuvenation, connection, and confidence.

Although the articles on prokensho may be particularly helpful for people who suffer from stress, they are also useful for anyone who wants to live in an embodied way by meditating and practicing mindfulness.

Note- I took on this project because I want to help people learn positive approaches for working with their particular challenges.

Mindfulness can be defined as the ability to be present with your experiences without judgment. It is usually defined as the capacity to witness your individualistic thoughts, feelings, and the sensations with curiosity during both ordinary moments and dramatic moments.”

For Instance-

Let’s start by recalling the period when you felt attentive to what was happening within or around you; perhaps you were skiing down a powdery mountain on a very cold day, and you could feel your body being completely in sync with each turn and bump on the trail.

Perhaps when you became a parent for the first time, you held your newborn infant in your hands, and at that moment you were contempt to look at her sweet face without needing anything else.

Maybe you remember challenging circumstances such that an illness or injury of a family member when you were jolted into realizing what is important to you.

So to be more present at the moment mindfully, let’s start with some positive affirmation quotes and sayings. Because as they say: “You are what you think and say.” 

Affirmation Quotes-

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