Beginner’s Guided Meditation- Part I

Beginner’s Guided Meditation- Part I

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Tranquility Guided Learning:

Always start with a peaceful meditation music/track to set the mood. The peaceful noise that you are hearing will be your guide to easy relaxation. Now as you hear, you can focus your attention on any tension in your body that may be bothering you at this moment.

That’s it, and when you begin to find these tensions in your body, you can go ahead and loosen them up by taking a deep BREATH IN and BREATH OUT. IN AND OUT. IN AND OUT.

Perfect, just let go into a deep state of relaxation and release yourself down, down into a deep comfortable place of PEACE and TRANQUILITY.

(Note- Keep your eyes open and be very still)

And as you begin to feel this warmth and serenity spread throughout your mind and body, you can let go even further and fall into an even deeper state of comfort.


You’re doing great. Now just flow with these feelings and relax even more and as you feel this beautiful calming just keep your eyes open throughout this experience and remain in this comfortable relaxation continuously.

Now it may be coming to your attention that meditation can be easy when you just learn to let go and relax. No matter what situations and circumstances you might encounter you can always find yourself back here in this place of tranquility.

And at this moment, I want you to remember this deep state of relaxation as a major key in mastering meditation.

Now I want you to say a couple of affirmations, which will help quickly speed up your learning curve. Go ahead and repeat these sentences with me and feel what you’re saying to be true and possible.

Let’s Begin with Positive Affirmations

  1. I now fully understand how to relax deeply and quickly at any time.
  2. I feel how simple and easy it is to enter The State of Tranquility.
  3. I can experience this emotional calmness under any circumstances.
  4. I am quickly moving forward in learning the art of meditation.
  5. Every lesson I complete and repeat in this post is leading me to fast mastery of this Art.

You’re doing amazing, now we are going to take a quick break before moving on. So right now you can look away and start moving around and stretching your body.

Tranquility Self-Induction Practice:

In this section, you will practice getting into a state of tranquility on your own.

(Note- You can take 10 secs to break for each minute that passes during this practice.)

Now take yourself into the state of tranquility for one minute as you have learned in the previous guided session.

Keep your eyes open, and be very still. Great job, now you can go ahead and take a break for ten seconds (If you feel like you need one).

After the break, now go back into the state of tranquility for one minute by following the above-mentioned process.

Great job, now you can take a break for about ten seconds if you feel like you need one. Repeat the same process for about three minutes straight while taking the required ten-second break after each minute.

And congratulations, you have completed your Part I Guided Meditation Learning Process. Make sure to repeat this lesson two-three times a day, for about a week, before moving on to Lesson two or the second post on Beginner’s Guided Meditation Part II.

P.S. Keep on practicing the same with peaceful Meditation Music to Master the Art of Meditation. Because practice is the key when it comes to Mindfulness Meditation.

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