Mindfulness Exercises for Kids

Mindfulness Exercises for Kids

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I.      Fun Mindfulness exercises for kids:

1. “Just One breath” Breathing Activity:

  • Find a relaxing and quiet place, sit comfortably and then close your eyes, then accordingly, set a timer for about one to two minutes if your kids are beginners.
  • Breathe deeply in and out while paying attention to its rhythms as you inhale and exhale, also pay attention to any bodily sensations you notice or external sound sounds you may hear.
  • Then accordingly, take another slow deep breath, imagine the air moving down into the lungs and back up.
  • To finish the exercise, take one more deep breath and hold it in for a moment, then slowly release it.

2. Create a Glitter Jar:

  • Find an empty bottle or jar, and then let your kid use his/her creativity and allow the child to decorate it however they like.
  • Then as a next step, fill the bottle up ¾ of the way with tap water. Next, add some clear glue in it, as well some food coloring, and accordingly, some glitter, and then shake it well to mix everything.
  • Afterward, seal the lid, and you are ready to go.

3. Heartbeat Exercise:

  • Politely ask your kids to stand up and either jump up and down or do the jumping jacks for about a minute or two as per their convenience.
  • At the end of the jumping jack’s duration, have them place one of their hands on their heart to feel the rhythms of their breaths and also to let them pay attention to how their heartbeat.

4. Going on a safari date with your kids:

  • Go on a safari date outside on an exciting adventure, try picking up a very small rock or maybe touching a tree, plant, or flower to feel it, whatever is there.
  • Notice the tiny details, like mindfully watching bugs or the birds. Take a moment to kneel and touch the earth with your bare hands.
  • Walk mindfully while paying close attention to everything and anything. Make sure you walk in silence because you want to notice all those tiny little details.

5. Tense and release muscle relaxation:

  • Starting with your feet, then accordingly, gently squeeze the muscles in the feet by tightening them, then slowly releasing them.
  • Next, squeeze the large muscles in the calves for about five seconds, then gently release the pressure. Working your way up the body, squeeze the thigh muscles for about five seconds, then gently release the pressure.
  • Then accordingly, continue moving up the body for more muscle deep relaxation.

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II.   Mindfulness breathing exercises for kids

1. Dragon Breath Exercise:

  • Lift your head towards the sky.
  • Then slowly, take a deep breath.
  • Then accordingly, exhale making a “HAH” sound like you are breathing out fire.
  • And with the exhale, release all your tensions and anxiety.

2. Lion Breath Exercise:

  • Go to the floor on all four legs like a lion. (in a person’s case: Two hands and two legs)
  • Take a deeper and relaxing breath through your nose, while your mouth should stay closed.
  • Then slowly, open your mouth as a bug as you can.
  • Accordingly, stick your tongue out, and open your eyes wide and ROAR like a lion.

3. Bee Breath Exercise:

  • Start by breathing in the frees air.
  • Then slowly, breathe out with your mouth closed, while you HUM like a bee.
  • Repeat the entire process, as well as this breathing sequence for a few minutes to get the desired outcomes.

4. Tiger Breath Exercise:

  • Kneel on all four legs like a tiger (For humans: It’s on their two hands and two legs).
  • Breathe in as you lift your chin and then accordingly, tilt your head back.
  • Then slowly, start breathing out while you slowly raise your back towards the ceiling and lower your head towards the ground.

III. Mindful Affirmations for Kids

  1. I strongly believe in myself.
  2. I am bright, talented, and a successful student.
  3. I enjoy all my classes because learning new things is fun.
  4. Passing exams is easy for me because I am always prepared.
  5. I always begin studying before my exams are even scheduled.
  6. Focusing while studying for my exams is easy for me.
  7. Remembering the concepts, I study makes me happy.
  8. I always get good grades because I prepare for my exams mindfully.
  9. I enjoy helping my friends to help them succeed too.
  10. I get along with others easily because I am a good human being.

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IV.   Mindfulness Exercises for Kids:

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