Buddha's 7 Rules of Happiness

Buddha’s 7 Rules of Happiness

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In Buddhism, there are seven rules of happiness. These rules of happiness help us understand what makes us happy. Each rule has its unique characteristics. Read on to discover the 7 rules of happiness!

When we follow these rules, we can be happier. You should always be happy. It doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, old or young, healthy or sick, famous or unknown. So let’s start learning about them now!

NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO || 11 Mins || Buddhist Mantra Meditation

Source: Meditative Mind

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Buddha’s 7 Rules of Happiness

Buddhism teaches that we should live our lives following these rules. They include being kind to others, having compassion for all living things, and avoiding harming ourselves and others.

Many people are so tangled in their day-to-day life that it is tough for them to find happiness. As we see around, there is suffering and complications. Decades back Buddha gave us some rules to not just live a life but to be content and happy as well.

Be grateful.

Being grateful helps us appreciate life more fully. It also helps us avoid negative emotions such as anger and jealousy. If we practice gratitude regularly, we will feel happier and healthier.

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

We often think that being serious means taking ourselves too seriously. However, when we laugh at our mistakes, we learn from them and become better people. Laughter is contagious; it spreads positive energy throughout the world. So, make sure you smile!

Have faith in others.

If you believe in yourself, then you will attract more opportunities into your life. You must also believe in other people. This belief will allow you to see the good in everyone. It will give you the courage to reach out to those who need you.

Give without expecting anything back.

Giving is one of the greatest gifts we can offer others. We should not expect anything in return. We should simply do our best to make the world a better place.

Be Mindful and Live simply.

It is very easy to sit and cry over the past or just sit in any corner and think about what the future holds. We forget the beauty of mindfulness. Mindfulness is a state of both mind and body being present in the moment. It is a mental state wherein you are aware of what is happening around you and yet finds peace and solace because you calmly resonate with the moment. The biggest reason for our suffering is because we long and desire things and cannot learn to let go of them. We live in a beautiful world, a place where the magic happens, all we need to do is believe and sit tight.

Living the moment and giving your 100% in it is where the actual beauty of life stays. We cannot change the past, and we know this fact very well, it is foolish to stay there, we have no clue about what we will have in the future, and it is really stupid to sit and keep thinking about it. But what we know is, we have this day, this moment, this second, these people, and this time, bring out the best from it. Give all that you have to this moment, and you’ll no longer have to worry about what is under the wings of the future just fly in these very moments.

Clear Viewpoint

Don’t just believe anything just because you saw it, or you heard it. Always live a life according to the vision you have built. Humans tend to recreate their cycle of suffering again and again without understanding that there is a way to emancipate from it. Suffering doesn’t mean pain but also a constant needing and wanting and the state of the impermanence of pleasure and happiness. Not just for the world, have a clear viewpoint for yourself. Start by knowing yourself in and out and then by the art of acceptance. Everything starts with self-love, love yourself, and everything else will fall in place.

Concentrate Right

You have the most powerful tool, your mind. Your mind has the power to do anything you set it to. Concentrating right is very useful. Answer every question that has ever haunted you or still haunts you, the solution to every problem, is in you. Meditate to talk to your soul, feel it, and know it. We can release ourselves from suffering by letting go of our desires. Connect to your mind, to your soul, and to this universe, ask for the happiness that you are seeking, and you’ll find it all in you permanently.

Happiness is not served on a silver platter; it is a way of life that you need to practice. Never settle for the stars when you know you deserve the moon. Aim for the happiness and peace that is constant and worthy, don’t stick your soul in temporary things. Practice mindfulness and tell yourself that you are a happy, peaceful soul. 

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