Powerful Money Affirmations for Success, Wealth & Happiness

Powerful Money Affirmations for Success, Wealth & Happiness

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Are you struggling financially? Do you feel like you’re not getting ahead? It may be time to start thinking positively about your financial situation with the help of the below-mentioned powerful money affirmations.

Money problems can cause stress, anxiety, and even depression. But there are many things you can do to improve your finances and boost your self-esteem.

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What are Powerful Money Affirmations?

Powerful Money Affirmations are generally neutral statements until they are combined with amplified emotions. Think of emotion as an electromagnetic frequency or charge. When an emotional charge and affirmations are infused together, the end product is a potent call to action for your mind and the Universe. This powerful union can equally result in either a constructive outcome or a destructive one.  

For our purposes, the reader is advised to attach positive emotions such as joy or love to their affirmations. However, gratitude or appreciation is generally an easier positive state to achieve for most people.

TIP: When you experience a negative thought, the first step is to stop and take a couple of deep breaths. Then accept the thought and feelings without judgment for about half a minute. Next, firmly say something three times to interrupt or diffuse the negative thoughts or feelings. For example: halt and cancel, release and peace, or Spirit is now working in this situation! Lastly, finish off with another deep breath. Repeat these steps as often as necessary.

To fully benefit from using powerful money affirmations, acquiring an attitude of gratitude is vital. Okay, what if we don’t particularly feel all that grateful? What will we do then? The answer is: Change your mind and deliberately practice gratitude or appreciation every day.

Exercise #1: Sowing Seeds of Gratitude  

This daily exercise helps break that habitual “I don’t feel grateful” thinking and attitude.  

1.  First, without judgment, accept and acknowledge your current unpleasant feeling state.

2.  Then take a couple of deep breaths.

3.  Next, mentally choose to feel grateful or appreciative about something— anything.

4.  After that, curl your lips slightly upward (Mona Lisa’s smile by Leonardo De Vinci is a good reference), and silently repeat the words “thank you” or “I am grateful” continuously for a couple of minutes.

5. Continue to mindfully hold and carry out this thankful attitude for as long as possible throughout the day.

6. Repeat these steps as often as necessary each day.  

TIP: The best time to evoke a feeling of appreciation or gratitude is when you are engaged in routine activities during the week. For example, practice being grateful about something while waiting in line at the grocery store, sitting in traffic on the way to work, refueling your car at the gas station, doing your laundry, cooking dinner, taking a shower, and so on.  

When in doubt, remember the following quote:  

“Wear gratitude like a cloak, it will feed all corners of your life.”  ~Rumi

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How to Use Powerful Money Affirmation?

Write down your goals

Start by writing down what you would like to achieve with your money. You might write down something like “I want to save $1,000 per month so I can pay off my credit card debt.” Or maybe you want to make more money or spend less money. Whatever your goal is, write it down here.

Start with a Positive Mindset

Now, think about how you can accomplish these goals. If you need help, ask yourself questions like “How will I do this?” or “What steps do I need to take?” Once you’ve answered those questions, write them down.

Create a Financial Vision Board

You can use visual imagery to help you achieve your goals. A vision board is an effective way to visualize what you want to happen in your life. To make one, cut out pictures of things you would like to see in your life. Then place them in a frame where you can easily view them every day.

Repeat affirmations daily

Visualize yourself achieving your goals. If you want to become a millionaire, imagine yourself sitting at a desk with piles of money stacked up before you. Imagine yourself driving a fancy car and living in a beautiful home. Imagine yourself surrounded by people who love you.

Guidelines for Using Powerful Money Affirmations

At times, the road to financial success can be a lonely one. Therefore, the reader is advised to implement the following guidelines to stay on track with their plans and protect their prosperous mindset.

Tell no one about your plans:

Not everyone will understand or support your goals—especially those people you know. You run the risk of receiving unwelcome input which may discourage you and disrupt your plans. However, if you have a trustworthy and supportive confidant, share your dreams with them.

Dare to financially prosper:

Know specifically what you want, and then dream bigger after each goal is met.

Live in the desired end:

Vividly imagine your burning desires fulfilled with a feeling of immense gratitude.

Praise yourself:

You are your best cheerleader. Every day give yourself credit for some big or small accomplishments in your business and life. Accumulation of small victories strengthens your confidence.

Trust your intuition or gut:

If something or someone feels, looks, or sounds “off,” believe it. Take your time in making decisions and do more research before proceeding to the next step.

Drop the mistaken idea of the Law of Attraction:

The Law of Reflection is more accurate because you attract what you unwittingly broadcast. Therefore, radiate success and abundance!

Manage your negative thoughts:

Unchecked words and thoughts become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Individual results vary:

Stop comparing yourself to others because your journey to success is unique to you.

Feeling based affirmations are an effective form of commands:

shape your reality. Say your affirmations daily before bedtime and first thing in the morning until you have reached your goals.

Say affirmations in your native tongue:

If you are multilingual, use the language that speaks to your heart.

Become the “leading” star:

If you are not spiritually inclined, view yourself as the leading man or woman of your TV show or movie (without the controlling, bloated ego.) Become the creative writer, director, and producer who has exclusive rights to the story called your life. Consciously be thankful for everything: Gratitude is a powerful energetic state that facilitates changes in one’s business.

Take responsibility:

Your thoughts and feelings create behaviors that lead to action or inaction. The quality of effort invested yields the results. The outcome is neither good nor bad. If you don’t like the current results, then adjust your thoughts, feelings, and actions accordingly.

Success is not about dodging failure and setbacks:

It’s about quickly rebounding from your mistakes and obstacles. As a result, you become wiser for overcoming those challenges.

Be consistent:

Keep doing what works and supports you each day. Disengage from anything or anyone distracting, draining, or wasting your time.

Go to bed in a good mood:

Even though the physical body is resting and regenerating during sleep, the subconscious mind is actively keeping score with your thoughts and emotions. Any sour mood you carry into slumber will linger and manifest itself the next waking day. Hence, fall asleep each night with positive intentions or thoughts of gratitude to the best of your ability.

TIP: Review the previous guidelines at least once a week to manage and gauge your behavior. This helps you from relapsing into those unproductive, familiar routines or patterns of behavior.   In closing, the following is an insightful poem about the consequences of one’s thinking. It asserts that a person’s current state of mind predicts their outcome in life. Would you agree?  

“Thinking” Poem  

You think you are beaten; you are;

If you think you dare not, you don’t.

If you’d like to win, but you think you can’t.

It’s almost a cinch—you won’t.

If you think you’ll lose, you’ve lost;

For out in this world we find success begins with a fellow’s [or person’s] will.

It’s all in the state of mind.

If you think you’re outclassed, you are;

You’ve got to think high to rise.

You’ve got to be sure of yourself before you can ever win the prize.

Life’s battles don’t always go to the stronger or faster man [or woman];

But sooner or later the man [or woman] who wins is the one who thinks he [or she] can!  

~By Walter D. Wintle (c. 1905)

Powerful Money Affirmations for Success, Wealth & Happiness

1. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.

2. I embrace new avenues of income.

3. I attract money in my sleep.

4. There are no limits to the amount of money I make.

5. Money comes to me in miraculous ways.

6. I am open to receiving wealth in many ways.

7. I am a magnet for money.

8. Prosperity is drawn to me.

9. I attract money to me.

10. I always have more than enough money.

11. I am open and receptive to all the wealth life offers me.

12. Money comes to me easily and effortlessly.

13. I welcome an unlimited source of income and wealth in my life.

14. Wealth constantly flows into my life.

15. I am aligned with the energy of wealth.

16. My actions create constant prosperity.

17. People love to give me money.

18. I constantly attract opportunities that create more money.

19. I am worthy of a wealthy life.

20. My mind can’t stop visualizing and attracting more money.

21. I am surrounded by wealth.

22. I deserve prosperity.

23. Money comes to me naturally.

24. I have a wealth mindset.

25. Wealth floats around me daily.

26. My wallet is overflowing with money.

27. I release every block that held me back from receiving prosperity.

28. every day I am becoming richer.

29. Financial doors keep opening for me.

30. Wealth is pouring into my life.

31. I am worthy of making more money.

32. I am wealthy.

Money affirmations about having an abundance mindset

33. I am deserving of abundance in my life.

34. I love my positive, happy, abundant life.

35. Life is abundant.

36. I can feel my abundance growing daily.

37. I move from poverty thinking to abundance thinking.

38. I am aligned with the energy of abundance.

39. I live an abundant life.

40. I radiate abundance.

41. I am financially abundant.

42. I allow myself to always be drenched in financial abundance.

43. I only think thoughts of abundance.

Money affirmations about being grateful

44. Thank you.

45. I am grateful for everything I receive.

46. I am grateful for all of the money flowing into my life.

47. I see abundance all around me and am grateful.

48. I gratefully accept all of the wealth I receive every day.

49. I am grateful for all of the abundance in my life.

50. every day I thank the universe for all of the money I have.

51. I focus on the best in everyone and everything, and the best appears abundantly for me.

52. Showing gratitude tells the universe I am ready to receive more in my life.

53. Thankfulness keeps me connected to universal abundance and riches.

54. I am appreciative of the substantial amount of money I earn.

Money affirmations about reaching a specific dream

55. I am now earning a large income doing what I love to do.

56. I am a wealthy entrepreneur who is living life on my terms.

57. All of my debt is paid off, and my savings are growing.

58. My financial future is secure.

59. I can purchase anything in the world.

60. My finances improve beyond my dreams.

61. My riches allow me to help others.

62. I have more than enough money to help the important people in my life.

63. My dreams are coming true.

64. I do great things with my fortune.

65. I can retire early.

66. My success is necessary.

67. I experience financial freedom easily.

68. I am financially free.

69. I am the first millionaire in my family.

70. I am a self-made millionaire.

71. My income doubles every time I check my bank balance.

Money affirmations about how having money are healthy

72. I use the money to better my life and the lives of others.

73. Money allows me to live a life I love.

74. Money creates a positive impact in my life.

75. Money is the root of joy and comfort.

76. Money is an endless resource.

77. I love money because it is always there for me.

78. Money expands my life’s opportunities and experiences.

79. Money and spirituality can co-exist in harmony.

80. Money frees me.

81. Money amplifies life experiences and opportunities.

82. I love and respect money.

83. Money and love can be friends.

Money affirmations about being in control of money

84. Money is my servant.

85. I control my money.

86. I am an excellent money manager.

87. I am the master of my wealth.

88. I can handle large sums of money.

89. I am at peace with having a lot of money.

90. I can handle massive success with grace.

91. I monitor my money management skills and am open to new ways of managing money.


In conclusion, positive money affirmations can help you achieve your financial goals by helping you visualize success.

Positive money affirmations can also help you stay motivated when times get tough. You can use these powerful money affirmations as a reminder of what you want to accomplish. They can also help you overcome negative thoughts and feelings associated with money.

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