Yoga and Women: Chakras for Women

Yoga and Women: Chakras for Women

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With an increasing number of people turning to mindful living, yoga, mindfulness meditation, and other mind-body modalities for their overall well-being, health, healing, and wellness, the mantras and chakras have become more widely known.

As energy centers that link our mind, body, and spirit, the chakras provide various access points, and there are various corresponding methods for working with and around them.

What’s been given relatively very little attention, however, is how women might work with chakras differently from men. Just as our physical bodies are different, so do our energy bodies, and learning and understanding to work with these differences can be a life-changing game for women.

So in this article, we will discuss the chakra tools around these differences: what people define as the Women’s Energetics.

Three Guiding Principles:

• Keep It Practical. I want to help all the women use chakras in their daily life. My goal is to provide relevant energy tools for them whether they are new to the chakras or have been working with them for years.

To the Point. If there is one thing women are in the 21st century, it’s always busy. So, this article is a no-nonsense, consistent, easy to access fashion, which can help all women from beginners to experts (As there is always something new to learn)

Specific to Women. The chakras mentioned in this article are specific to women.

Chakras for Women:

The word chakra is a Sanskrit word, usually translated as “the wheel” or sometimes “the wheel of positive light.” Although the most well-known chakra mappings do originate from Ancient India, many other wisdom traditions around the globe have or had energy center mappings.

Most of these systems developed independently of each other (and many do not use the term “chakra” to define them), and have numerous similarities in striking.

In this article, we will be using the word “mapping” because I think it is most helpful to think of chakra systems as maps of the different kinds of positive energy that compose human life and consciousness.

A map is not a practical place itself but rather a tool for navigating a place in the human body; the type of map you need varies according to your core objectives. For instance, if you are visiting LA, you might need a road map, a geological map, a hiking map, or a water access map to reduce the chances of uncertainties.

All of these maps are of LA, but none of them are LA itself. Each map provides a different and very specific way for your mind to comprehend and navigate LA based on your need and your purpose (what you are there to do).

Here are a few examples of how you might employ each of these Chakra:

#1 Root Bowl chakra: to quell anxiety and depression, developmental and emotional stability, and increase vitality.

#1 Root Bowl Chakra
  • Related Chakras: Root, or first chakra
  • Energies: Grounding, safety, security, support, presence, vitality, stability, resilience
  • Use for: To cure depression and anxiety, and to reduce the emotional instability.

#2 Sacral Lotus Chakra: to spur creativity, problem-solving, and heal the feminine nature.

#2 Sacral Lotus chakra
  • Related Chakras: Second, or sacral chakra
  • Energies: Positive and creative inspiration, creativity, for passion, sensuality, fluidity, and adaptability, sexuality, and feminine power
  • Use for: Rigidity, to reduce depression or emotional numbness, if you feel disconnection, lack of problem-solving skills, feeling stuck or even blocked, to spur creativity, to connect with your feminine powers, to spark the sexuality.

#3 Navel Fire Chakra: to build enough self-confidence, determination, and deep focus.

#3 Navel Fire Chakra
  • Related Chakras: The navel, or the third chakra
  • Energies: The sense of self, personal belief and power, strong willpower, great determination and confidence, self-discipline, endurance and organizational skills, information processing, execution of the tasks, detachment, and objectivity.
  • Use for: Passivity and insecurities, lack of confidence, break the habit of procrastination, to reduce lack of motivation and obstacles, reduce lack of focus, hyperactivity, whenever you need to empower your true ability to lead, present, or take action.

#4 Heart Star Chakra: to improve and strengthen the connection with loved ones, find emotional stability and balance, and lighten up

#4 Heart Star Chakra
  • Related Chakras: Heart, or fourth chakra
  • Energies: Love, compassion, balance, peace, equanimity, generosity, connectedness, humor, joy
  • Use for: Unworthiness, loneliness, hyper criticalness, coldness, jealousy, emotional upheaval, overwhelm, stress, tension, stinginess, greed, heaviness, humourlessness, joylessness.

#5 Throat Matrix Chakra: to communicate and listen effectively, strengthen authenticity, and the overall process feedback

#5 Throat Matrix Chakra
  • Related Chakras: Your throat, or fifth, chakra
  • Energies: Better communication and self-expression, Great listening, authenticity and clarity, honesty and integrity.
  • Use for: People-pleasing, compulsive speaking, dishonesty, confusion, inauthenticity, isolation, or to empower expression.

#6 Third Eye Chakra: to increase one’s intuition, improve imagination, and the insights

#6 Third Eye Chakra
  • Related Chakras: Your sixth chakra, or third eye
  • Energies: Strong Intuition, creative imagination, and insight, wise wisdom, clear seeing and envisioning, potentialities, stillness, timelessness, boundarylessness
  • Use for: Confusion, mental fuzziness or the fog, when facing indecisiveness or a lack of clarity, problem-solving, mental ruts, lack of great ideas, or to empower insight, intuition, or imagination.

#7 Crown Connection Chakra: to inspire faith, reduce self-doubt, and open more spiritually

#7 Crown Connection Chakra
  • Related Chakras: Your seventh, or crown, chakra
  • Energies: Meaning, purpose, faith, hope, spirit, seeking, cosmic connection, divine union, grace, birth, death
  • Use for: In case of doubt, and meaninglessness.

#8 Second Skin Chakras: to affirm the boundaries and protect yourself from positive energy loss

#8 Second Skin Chakra
  • Related Chakras: Your root (first) and navel (third) chakras
  • Energies: Protection, energetic integrity, boundaries, strength, stamina, endurance, resilience.
  • Use for: Lack of boundaries, feeling unprotected, taking on others’ emotions, fatigue, social anxiety, comfort eating, or for energetic boundaries and endurance.

#9 Web of Light Chakra: to improve intimate relationships and release old patterns and dynamics

#9 Web of Light Chakras
  • Related Chakras: Your entire energy body
  • Energies: Positive and energetic exchange in the relationships with people in your life
  • Use for: Cutting ties with negative individuals with whom you need to lessen energetic interaction, cutting ties with those with people with who you have a supportive relationship, but a sourness has developed in the past few years, activating one’s ability to open and close the supportive ties (if necessary).

#10 Feminine Pathway Chakras: to embrace the change, and work with your feminine cycles and phases more authentically without judgment

#10 Feminine Pathway chakras
  • Related Chakras: All seven, but the second, fourth, and sixth are emphasized
  • Energies:    The positive energy movement and the pure connection, positive changes, transitions, and wholeness, positive feminine power and aspects, and manifestation.
  • Use for: Life transitions, manifesting ideas, the balance between chakras, post menstruation, fertility support, postpartum, perimenopause, post-pregnancy loss, post-hysterectomy, a precursor to sex, or anytime to connect with feminine power.

#11 Healing Rays Chakra: to aid your physical, mental, and emotional healing

#11 Healing Rays chakras
  • Related Chakras: The sacral, heart, and palm chakras
  • Energies: The power of Healing, soothing, and calming
  • Use for: Speeding up the process of healing your body, complementing the other healing modalities very fast (as compared to the normal healing process), including mental and emotional healing.

#12 Rainbow Abundance Chakras: to manifest your greatest dreams and highest potential.

#12 Rainbow Abundance chakras
  • Related Chakras: All
  • Energies: The energy of your uniqueness, and your essence
  • Use for: Generating self-love, self-appreciation, gratitude, positivity, abundance, and attracting that which is in alignment with your best interests.


In each case, once you have learned how to activate a Chakra, you can use it at any moment of need to bring forth positive and strong energy, or as part of a daily routine for a period to facilitate long-lasting development.

By activating a Chakra Empowerment, you can take control of your life and of the energy and state of awareness you bring to a particular situation. Additionally, if you feel that you and your loved ones are chronically weak in energy represented by a particular chakra or are in a phase of life in which it is weakened, then you can activate that chakra daily for a duration of time to empower yourself, and your loved ones.

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