30 Positive Affirmations for women who refuse to give up on love

30 Positive Affirmations for women who refuse to give up on love

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This article explores the positive affirmations for women who refuse to give up on love and true happiness, or for the ones who believe they still deserve it. Because yes, everyone deserves genuine happiness and love in their life.

Everywhere we turn, messages are being sent to our subconscious. Whether they come in the form of social media, conversations with our peers or first-hand experiences, many of those messages corrode our hope of obtaining true happiness the older we get.

However, the messages we are sent will never be more significant than the messages we embrace. That’s what determines how our soul will grow or deteriorate over our lifetime.

The importance of not only blocking out empty, negative messages but also filtering the ones that find their way into our system by rinsing ourselves daily in positive affirmations cannot be overstated. If we do not shape our minds, someone, everyone, and everything else will.

I desire that this article will serve as seeds for your soul, and through daily repetition or even memorization, it will allow your happiness and mental health to blossom, particularly in your preparation for your soul mate.

This article is not for simply reading, but for digesting, internalizing, and applying. It’s time to give yourself the love you’ve always given so freely to everyone else. You still deserve it.

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Table of Contents

30 Positive Affirmations for women who refuse to give up on love

Affirmations for women #1: If he’s worth it, he’ll wait.

I can’t make him see me for who I am and the time I need to repair my heart. I can’t make him accept me for the process I need to heal. But if he’s worth it, he’ll see that I am also worth it, and he will wait however long it takes to find my heart because he’ll value it too much to give up so easily. I deserve a man who has patience for what he wants instead of settling for what’s convenient.

Affirmations for women #2: I will not break.

So many have come my way with ulterior motives and hidden agendas. Some have changed into completely different people; others were never good for me to begin with and revealed that as time went on. Either way, their destructive intentions have nothing to do with my worthiness of real love. I cannot control what I attract, but I will control what I accept, and I will use each learned lesson as my guide in doing so going forward. I give myself permission to make the mistake of trusting the wrong people and acknowledge my power to keep it from making me bitter.

Affirmations for women #3: I’m beautiful, no compliments are needed.

I love me, flaws and faults included. While I will graciously accept those who feel the same, it won’t be necessary to validate that truth. My skin comes in the very tone God intended; my height was meant to be no higher or lower, and my curves were perfectly set to my predetermined design. I don’t need to be anyone else to be beautiful, and I won’t try to be to accept myself. I accept, appreciate, and love myself just the way I am. Fully clothed, or completely bare, I am beautiful.

Affirmations for women #4: The blessing was in their blindness.

I don’t have to have answers as to why they didn’t see in me what I see in myself to know they missed out. Their ignorance is not my burden. I refuse to weigh myself down with their missed opportunity to have the love I’m capable of giving. I know it’s a blessing for those whose soul is blind to what’s real to weed themselves out one way or another, to make room for a man whose eyes are wide open.

Affirmations for women #5: The time for love maybe later, but the time to love me is right now.

I won’t waste another moment waiting for second-hand love. I will create in me what will be multiplied later by the one I’ll spend my life with instead of being dormant for the time being. I will invest in myself the same effort I expect from my future husband. Every day, second, and hour will be an ongoing upgrade for my heart, mind, body, and finances. Others will see my light shine and be inspired to do the same. I will feel no remorse or shame for turning my love inward until I’m found by the one worth sharing it with.

Affirmations for women #6: I won’t live with regrets from having an open heart.

I did my part by opening my heart. They did their damage by coming in with no intentions of staying. But the damage can be undone, no matter how long it takes to do so. My open heart is a blessing when so many have theirs closed even though it has felt like a curse at times I let the wrong ones enter. I will not let that pain change me. I will not let their character flaws alter my path. My open heart is perfect for the open heart that will invite me, and I will not let those who didn’t deserve me take that away.

Affirmations for women #7: All will be plenty for the right person.

It wouldn’t have mattered if I sexed him more, fed him better, or looked any different. He didn’t break my heart because of anything I did wrong. He broke it because his hands weren’t made to hold it, to begin with. I will judge more carefully and patiently the next time, and I will not hold back when the right man comes because neither will he.

Affirmations for women #8: I will stop doubting my intuition.

I will not let this generation’s lowered standards warp the way I view myself. I cannot let a ticking clock coerce me into knowingly wasting time. I will trust my intuition when it conflicts with their words so that I’m protected at all times. The confidence I have in my common sense is no accident no matter what they say to convince me otherwise. I have been through too much to keep repeating the same mistakes, and I do not feel bad for refusing to do so.

Affirmations for women #9: I have the right to be selfish.

I’ve given so much to everyone else. I’ve stretched myself thin trying to help anyone I could. However, I have no responsibility to leave myself hanging to love others. Being my priority is a necessity to be helpful to anyone else, and anyone who doesn’t understand doesn’t deserve my help. I will be selfish if it means saving me, without apology.

Affirmations for women #10: He will put in the work.

If it means phone calls instead of texts, real date nights instead of “let’s chill”, or planning instead of random pop-ups, he will do it. If he’s smart enough and chosen just for me, he will do it. I am worth the effort and will accept nothing less even if a majority of others do.

Affirmations for women #11: There’s one man for me who will prove they are not all the same.

It will be in the way he looks at me, holds me, treats me, stays consistent, holds himself accountable, loves his mother, values family, and works towards his dreams while keeping me a priority. There is a man who will, despite his imperfections, have worked on himself enough so that he comes ready to love me. His lust won’t compromise his loyalty. He will give me his heart, not excuses. He’ll choose an opportunity for a lifetime with me overnight after night with random women. He will find me, and he will show me why he was worth the time I waited for him.

Affirmations for women #12: I’m worth another try.

I made bad decisions, but I won’t dwell on them. I fell for BS a few times, but I will stand up again. I gave my trust, and it was broken, but I will repair it and be more careful next time. While there is breath in my body, there is a chance to have exactly what I believe in. Millions find their forever-mate every single day, mine will come soon, and I will be ready when he does.

Affirmations for women #13: I was equipped with the resilience necessary to come out on top.

They thought I couldn’t make it without them. They thought I’d be lost and unhappy if they ever left. But they were wrong. They didn’t know any better. They didn’t realize that no matter how badly they hurt me, I would bounce back better than before. I’ve weathered those storms, kept my faith, held my head up high, and returned my crown to its rightful place. I will never allow it to be knocked off again.

Affirmations for women #14: I will not run back, I will run forward.

While the temptation is there, I will follow my intelligence this time. I will not take my vivid memory for granted or push aside what I felt the last time I let my guard down for them. I will make it impossible to hurt me this time by locking them out since they’ve already shown me they don’t deserve what’s inside. I’m too valuable to continue being robbed of my trust, and I will not run back to the hands that hurt me. I will run forward, taking my dignity and sanity with me towards the happiness I never found with them.

Affirmations for women #15: My past does not define me.

I’ve been hurt and I’ve done some hurting. I’ve made bad decisions, and I’ve fallen for some tricks. But whatever has happened before this very moment is far less significant than what I do now. I don’t have to be bound to the past when the future holds the opportunity to know and do better. I can live free of any shame for being a human who still has much to learn, and no matter how far from perfect I am, I deserve to be loved.

Affirmations for women #16: I didn’t change, I grew.

Once I saw what I didn’t see before, I had to move accordingly. I was vulnerable for too long and was only leaving myself open to be harmed and I love myself too much to let that happen when I can do something to change it. I don’t care how others view me; as long as I’m doing what’s best for me, I’m not wrong. I’ll lose whomever I have to to protect myself, and I will not apologize for it. If they want to be in my life, they’ll do what’s necessary to deserve to be in it. Otherwise, I must take the necessary actions to ensure I never stop growing into who I’m destined to become.

Affirmations for women #17: My “Mr. Right” exists, even if he’s not here right now.

The world waited billions of years to finally get me. I can wait for a few more for the man who will too. A moment with him will outweigh all the moments it took to get to him. I won’t keep my plate full of those who are not ready for what I have to offer even if it isn’t always fun. My soul mate will be all the fun I could ever ask for, and I won’t risk passing on that to keep entertaining what’s currently being offered.

Affirmations for women #18: Every mistake I’ve made has gotten me closer to my destiny.

I make mistakes because I’m human. I don’t always know how things will play out. But I do know that no matter what, I’m growing smarter and stronger by the day. I’m not the woman I was yesterday, and tomorrow I will be even better. I don’t have to feel bad for doing exactly what I was designed to do: living, learning, and being a work in progress. The one I will grow old with is taking the same journey now so we can end our journey together.

Affirmations for women #19: I reject all things that aim to degrade me.

My energy is too precious to pollute it with negative self-talk, outside opinions, empty critique, misleading thoughts, and manipulative perspectives. I will not indulge in spaces where I am not celebrated because there is too much to love about me to let anyone else turn my focus to things they feel are wrong about me. I have too much to be thankful for to ignore it so that I may seem unbiased. Loving myself too much to subject me to destructive efforts is not bias, it is a necessity.

Affirmations for women #20: He’s saving himself so he can invest in me.

He’s being called names, yet be unmoved by them. He’s missing out on all the fun while being completely fine with that. He’s staying focused on things that will add value to us while sacrificing things that would only serve himself. He’s letting himself heal, so my hurt will be a thing of the past. He’s preserving his love for a woman like me who has everything I come with, and once he finds me, he’ll be mine and only mine forever.

Affirmations for women #21: My family goals are real, and so is a man who shares them.

The children I will raise are as much of a goal for my future husband as they are for me. The financial stability I’m working to create will be a shared effort by us as well. I can have everything I currently want because, despite the majority of today’s men who want only what’s temporary, there are men who know the value of something real and most importantly, one woman like me to build that with.

Affirmations for women #22: Distractions will not deter me.

Sometimes diversions from my path will be attractive, but I will not let them take me off course from my destiny. Some will have tempting offers that come short of what I’m after. Others will tell me that what I’m after is unreasonable, and I will accept none of them. I will hold firm to what I believe in, the same way my future husband is holding firm to the fact that I do exist. I am good at recognizing distractions, but I’m even better at steering clear of them.

Affirmations for women #23: Money is nice, love is even better, but I will not be forced to choose between the two.

An empire constructed by the hands of my husband and me are in my future. Others will ask how I became so lucky, and my response will be that I’m not lucky. I worked on my own until I could combine it with his, and stopped entertaining those who only used me with nothing to offer. I will be found by a man who can balance his love for me and his ambition for financial security, and our children will inherit the fruits of our labor.

Affirmations for women #24: I am not a victim, I am a victor.

Over the years, I’ve experienced more things than I’ve ever told anyone. I’ve had to deal with drama and snakes, lies and fakes, and everything in between. I’ve been underappreciated and overworked for everything I have now, but I am not a victim. I do not look for sympathy. I earn my respect and will stand for nothing less than that. I find a way when there seems to be no way due to my determination. My work ethic warrants more than what I have, but I will one day have everything I want and more. The fact that I’m still standing here today is proof that I am truly a victor.

Affirmations for women #25: Those who hate to see me win will one day have no other choice.

Good things come to those who wait, and better things come to those who work. I’ve done both. I’ve persevered against all odds. I’ve beaten “bad luck” and made it through what seemed to be impossible circumstances because I have what it takes to win. Those who lined up to see me fail will inadvertently witness me claim victory instead, and I will enjoy every second of it.

Affirmations for women #26: There are many people I’ll never know about who genuinely support and love me.

In the same way, I’m inspired by people I’ve never met or taken the opportunity to tell that I am, several people love me. I make them proud with every accomplishment. I brighten their day with my energy and motivate them to be better versions of themselves. Through my perseverance, they are convinced that a better tomorrow is possible if they, too, keep going.

Affirmations for women #27: Not having my way hasn’t always felt good, but it’s been good for me.

At times, I’ve needed saving from myself. I didn’t understand that before, but I can see that if every person I tried to love was still in my life, I would be much worse off. I would still be blind to their motives, still believing in their potential, and still fighting alone for a relationship that was never meant to be. The best thing to ever happen to me was being moved out of my way, and because of that, my best is yet to come.

Affirmations for women #28: I’m rightfully disappointed and dissatisfied.

If I was happy with the little that’s been presented to me in the form of love interests, I would have canceled my chances for the most love has to offer. If I settled for what was in front of me, I wouldn’t already be on my way to what was ahead. The best decisions I’ve ever made were to keep walking past those who were offering the bare minimum so that I can one day have the man who will give me his all and more to keep me in his life. Those were not mistakes; those were moments of tough self-love.

Affirmations for women #29: My tears were not in vain.

I have no reason to be ashamed of the pain I’ve felt, for it proved I was human. I realize that it only molded me into the woman my future husband will be thankful for. The tears I’ve shed are what I will use to teach my daughter about how she is to be loved correctly, and my son about how he is to love fully. I will use my experiences as the guidance they need to avoid what I’ve endured, and they will be better because of it, the same way I am.

Affirmations for women #30: One day, a man will appreciate everything about me that’s been taken for granted.

I deserve to be looked at in my weakest moments like the one who keeps a man strong. My feelings deserve to be regarded highly instead of dismissed as “nagging”. When I don’t feel so pretty, I deserve to be reminded that I am in the eyes of my soul mate. I deserve to feel comfortable in all of my flaws, the same way I will make my husband feel about his. Only those undeserving of me will run away. The one meant for me will be happy to stay.

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