The Goddess Laxmi Mantras for Wealth and Abundance

The Goddess Laxmi Mantras for Wealth and Abundance

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The great Lakshmi, the goddess Laxmi, is the goddess of wealth and fortune. She is renowned across all of India as the most beneficent goddess of the Hindu Pantheon. She not only bestows wealth and fortune in the material world but also the spiritual. That is the beauty of Lakshmi. When you call upon her, she prepares you for wealth and fortune from the inside out. Often it happens very quickly, and in some cases, it can take some time. In either case, she is very responsive.

In this article, we will tap into the eight mantras of this great Goddess, the goddess Laxmi. These eight mantras will help you achieve wealth and prosperity in more than one area of life. Unlike her some of her fellow goddesses, she is gentile. She is not a Kali or a Druga, she will approach you gently.

In this article, we will also discuss the idea of the divine feminine, and then we will discuss Lakshmi in a bit more detail and then get right to business.

Let us begin.

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I.      The Hindu Goddess Lakshmi: The Divine Feminine, The Goddess Laxmi

Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and fortune, both spiritually and materially. In reality, however, most people use her for material wealth in this world. That is okay, so long as we are on this earth, it is not a bad thing to live in prosperity. It is not noble to live in lack nor is it nobler to be a greedy hoarder of wealth. It’s all about harmony.

The Goddess Lakshmi brings harmony to our prosperity. Often we say we seek balance in our lives, but in reality, we seek harmony. Have you ever seen a balanced scale? It is static and unmoving. Whereas harmony is a flowing interaction between states.

The goddess Lakshmi bestows Harmony in our lives, and that helps us attract prosperity and wealth in all ways.

She is often depicted with four arms. The four arms represent the four directions. This symbolizes the fact that her energy is everywhere.

They also stand for the four purposes of human life.

  1. Righteousness
  2. Desires
  3. Wealth
  4. Ultimate liberation from the reincarnation cycle of death and rebirth.

Her red clothing symbolizes action. However, unlike Druga’s (Another powerful Hindu goddess) dress, Lakshmi has a golden lining on her dress which symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

The Goddess Lakshmi is the one to invoke when you are seeking true and deep happiness in your life. She bestows beauty as well. If you require abundance in all areas of your life Lakshmi can help. But do realize that if the request is made in the spirit of greed, Lakshmi will not respond.

The opposite might occur, and what you do have will be taken away from you. It is for this reason that when calling on Lakshmi for abundance your intention should be pure. The goddess Lakshmi is tender and compassionate, and therefore a person much approach her with a tender and compassionate heart.

In this article, we will cover 8 Mantras specifically to Lakshmi.

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II.   The Goddess Laxmi Mantras for Wealth and Abundance

1. The Goddess Laxmi Mantra #1:

Adi Lakshmi: The Very first emanation of Lakshmi

Mantra: Sumanasa vandhitha, Madhavi

Chandra sahodhari hemamaye,

Munigana manditha, moksha pradhayini,

manjula bhashini, veda nuthe,

Pankaja vasini deva supoojitha

sadguna varshani, santhiyuthe,

Jaya jaya hey madhusoodhana kamini

Adhilakshmi sada palaya maam.

Note: Since this is a more difficult mantra to recite, I will provide the translation in English.

In English: Victory to you oh Adi Lakshmi. The darling of the killer of Madhu, who is worshipped by all good and righteous people. You are pretty and the sister of the moon, who is made as if of gold. Who is honored by all Gurus, who bestows salvation, who speaks honey-sweet words, who is praised by the Vedas, who lives on the Lotus flower, who is worshipped by all the gods, who bestows good qualities on everyone, and who is the embodiment of peace, please be my protector forevermore.

In this form, Lakshmi is the supreme goddess and came to existence before existence itself. She is the embodiment of all life. We will use this as a general mantra for her blessings.

2. The Goddess Laxmi Mantra #2:

Dhanya Lakshmi: The Granary Wealth


In this form, Lakshmi is the supreme goddess of providence, she bestows all basic physical needs. If you are having trouble supplying the basic needs for you or your family, this mantra is for you.

3. The Goddess Laxmi Mantra #3:

Veera Lakshmi: Courageous wealth

Jaya Vara Varini Vaish-Navi Bargavi Mantra Swarupini Mantra-Ma-Ye. Sura Gana Pujita Sheegra, Phala Prada Gnana Vikasini, Shashtra Noo-Te. Ba-HaVa Hareeni, Papa Vee-Mo-Chanee- Saadhoo, Jana-Shrita Pada-You-Te. Jaya, Jaya He Mud-Hoo-Sood-Hana Ka-Mini, Da-Ha-Reeya Lakshmi Sada Palaya Mam.

In English: You are the most beautiful and most beloved of Vishnu and the incarnated daughter of Bhrgu Maharasha, the one who is worshiped by the gods and who grants rewards. You are the one who destroys all fears about the sorrows of the word and liberates us from all sins.

Your fee is worshiped the holy people. Victory to you Lakshmi, the beloved of Mud-Hoo-Sood-Hana. Protect me forevermore. This mantra is used to gain courage. If you are looking to gain courage, in life in the face of obstacles, this mantra is one you would use.

4. The Goddess Laxmi Mantra #4:

Gaja Lakshmi: Wealth of fertility

Om Gaja Lakshmi Na-Ma-Ha

This aspect of Lakshmi is of prosperity, good luck, and abundance.

5. The Goddess Laxmi Mantra #5:

Santana Lakshmi: The wealth of continuity

Om Santana Lakshmi Na-Ma-Ha

This one is for people who are looking to have children and to bring abundance to the world. This for some cures infertility.

6. The Goddess Laxmi Mantra #6:

Vijaya Lakshmi: The wealth of Victory

Om Shreem Hreem Shreem Shreem Hreem Shreem Phat

This mantra is used to gain good luck in all things. Some call it the winner’s mantra. This mantra will bring you luck in all things. This includes all internal struggles you might have. It’s a general victory mantra.

7. The Goddess Laxmi Mantra #7:

Aishawara Lakshmi: Wealth of knowledge


This one is used to call upon Lakshmi not only for general wealth but also a wealth of knowledge. This is a very powerful mantra.

8. The Goddess Laxmi Mantra #8:

Dhana Lakshmi: Financial wealth.


This Mantra is one you should use for material wealth. This works like a charm. Literally.

III. Conclusion:

Although these Mantras seem rather specific, they can be used in all manner of rituals to the goddess Lakshmi. Lakshmi, in many ways, is a one-stop Goddess for all things abundance. She can handle and provide anything you ask of her.

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IV.   The Goddess Laxmi Mantra by Suresh Wadkar

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