I Am, I Can: 101 + Affirmations for Kids

I Am, I Can: 101 + Affirmations for Kids

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This article empowers your child by providing an affirmation for every single day. With a different themes – such as positivity, calm, and adventure – children can build their self-esteem and resilience by focusing on what matters to them, through the power of positive thinking.

Perfect for children aged 7 to 9, this article on affirmations for kids not only educates but inspires. Mindful activities encourage children to try practical techniques to explore the affirmations further – creating a “happiness jar” helps kids come up with their affirmations, building a “coping wheel” empowers kids to manage stress, and making friendship bracelets helps enact the affirmation “I am a caring friend.”

Affirmations for kids have been proven to help overcome negative thoughts by reminding us of what matters. I Am, I Can use beautiful illustrations to bring the daily doses of wisdom to life and encourage visualization – a powerful tool in promoting self-belief and keeping anxiety at bay.

Positive affirmations for kids are a powerful tool to help children develop a mindset of positivity and success. Here’s how to get started:

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Positive Affirmation for kids?

All of us need positive affirmation throughout our lives. As children, these powerful messages helped us to know that we were worthwhile, that it was all right to want food, to be touched, and that our very existence was a precious gift. The messages that we received from our parents helped us to form decisions that determined the course of our lives.

If we were raised with consistent, nurturing parents, we conclude that life is meaningful and that people are to be trusted. If we were raised with parents who were addictively or compulsively ill, we determine that life is threatening and chaotic and that we are not deserving of joy. These are the crucial decisions that impact our lives long after we have forgotten them.

Unfortunately, childhood judgments don’t disappear.  They remain as dynamic forces that contaminate our adulthood.  When childhood needs are not taken care of because of abuse or abandonment, we spend our lives viewing the world through the distorted perception of a needy infant or an angry adolescent.

The more we push these child parts away, the more control they have over us. This denial of our inner child manifests in destructive ways: dependent relationships, sabotaged successes, somatic illnesses, and dysfunctional parenting.

To end this cycle of suffering, we must embrace our inner child at whatever age and stage it shows itself to us. This article on affirmations for kids is also dedicated to those adults who are ready to heal their childhood wounds. It is through this courageous effort that we will move from a life of pain into recovery.

Affirmations for Kids

  1. Everything is fine.
  2. My voice matters.
  3. I accept myself for who I am.
  4. I am building my future.
  5. I choose to think positively.
  6. My happiness is up to me.
  7. I start with a positive mindset.
  8. Anything is possible.
  9. I radiate positive energy.
  10. Wonderful things are going to happen to me.
  11. I can take deep breaths.
  12. With every breath, I feel stronger.
  13. I only compare myself to myself.
  14. I can do anything.
  15. It is enough to do my best.
  16. I can be anything I want to be.
  17. I accept who I am.
  18. I believe in myself.
  19. I am proud of myself.
  20. I deserve to be happy.
  21. I am free to make my own choices.
  22. I deserve to be loved.
  23. I can make a difference.
  24. Today I am a leader.
  25. I forgive myself for my mistakes.
  26. My challenges help me grow.
  27. I am perfect just the way I am.
  28. My mistakes help me learn and grow.
  29. I get better every single day.
  30. I am an amazing person.
  31. My thoughts and feelings are important.
  32. I know right from wrong.
  33. I can learn anything I put my mind to.
  34. I engage in small acts of kindness to uplift other people.
  35. I have a big heart.
  36. My life is beautiful.
  37. I love myself just as I love others.
  38. I am safe and cared for.
  39. I can ask for support.
  40. I can’t control other people, but I can control how I respond to them.
  41. Many exciting experiences are awaiting me.
  42. I can find humor in the day-to-day.
  43. I am a good listener.
  44. I can ask for a hug when I’m sad.
  45. I would want to be my friend.

Examples of Affirmations for Kids

  1. I can build trust.
  2. I can love myself.
  3. I am lovable.
  4. I am a good friend.
  5. My heart is full.
  6. I am compassionate.
  7. I have a good heart.
  8. I am worthy of praise.
  9. I can tell when friends are sad.
  10. I can forgive people.

Positive Affirmations for Kids – Mindful and Calming – Promote Good Self Esteem and Confidence

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Facts About Affirmations for Kids

Well, here it is, an article with the most powerful words you’ll ever read. They are powerful because the words you say in your mind can affect how everything goes for you. Positive words have a way of creating a sense of strength, calm, confidence, and kindness from the inside.

Words also have the power to hurt or make you feel unworthy or useless. Those kinds of words have power too – but only if you let them.

You can choose positive, helpful words, also known as affirmations, instead of negative ones. Notice how moments of hope, optimism, and confidence increase the more often you think and speak positive words.

Some people use affirmations to start their day, before they share a meal, or when they go to bed. Athletes use them for competitions, and musicians before performances – really anyone can use them during challenging moments.

This article is a guide to making affirmations for kids a part of their daily routine.  Give your kids the power by choosing to repeat these affirmations, then pay attention to how they feel on the inside.

I noticed, while writing this article, that the words in my mind became more positive and my feelings did too. My words affected how I felt about myself and what I could do. I experienced the power of affirmations – and so can you.

Words of Affirmation to Child

I see me

Do you ever feel negative about yourself? You can change those not-so-good feelings by gently reminding yourself how amazing you are with this “I see me” activity.

  1. Look in the mirror and think about how amazing you are. Smile!
  2. Write down something wonderful about yourself – and stick it on or around the mirror.
  3. Each day, look in the mirror and write a new affirmation that reminds you to see yourself for who you are.

For The Grownups . . .

This could be a good opportunity for discussion and reflection together. Help your child to frame their words to project a positive tone.

Words of Affirmation to Child

  1. My actions help others.
  2. I am a good listener.
  3. I am generous with my time and energy.
  4. I can feel sad and know I’ll be ok.
  5. My emotions are real and helpful.
  6. I am dependable.
  7. My feelings matter.
  8. I can share what I am feeling.
  9. I can apologize and mean it.
  10. Friends can depend on me.

How to do affirmations with kids?

First, pick out which affirmations for kids you’d like to say out loud together. Tailor this to each child, because what one kid needs to hear might be different from the other. And then accordingly, practice it every morning to get the maximum benefits.

A few tips:

  1. Paste post-it notes on your fridge and encourage your child to take a look at them regularly.
  2. Leave notes in their tiffin box with positive affirmations.
  3. Have painting sessions where they draw these affirmations. Frame it and hang it up on a wall the child frequently spends time around.
  4. Ask them to keep a journal where they write these affirmations and do the same yourself, etc.

Morning Positive Affirmations for Kids

  1. I am so happy to be alive.
  2. I am looking forward to today.
  3. I am grateful for my family.
  4. I am excited to go to school.
  5. I believe in myself.
  6. I am a caring person.
  7. I am ready to start the day.
  8. Life is a beautiful gift.
  9. I am surrounded by positive and loving people.
  10. I will make the most of this day.

What Are Some Examples of Positive Affirmations for kids?

Positive thinking is powerful. It can change the way we feel about how things are going. However, it isn’t always easy to achieve. Creating a “happiness jar” will help your kids to practice having a positive outlook.

Happiness jar

Fill a special jar with intentions and affirmations that you write. Begin each week by choosing one, and let that message inspire a positive mindset for the week.

What you’ll need:

  • A jar
  • Paper
  • A pen or pencil

Examples of Positive Affirmations for kids?

  1. Every day is a Fresh Start.
  2. I have lots to be proud of.
  3. I embrace change.
  4. I always try to see the bright side.
  5. I choose to be confident.

I Am, I Can: 101 + Affirmations for Kids

Affirmations for Kids: Growth

Nature holds so much wonder, but sometimes we’re so busy that we forget to pay attention to it. Growth is happening all the time. It may occur very slowly, but it is well worth the wait.

  1. I feel free. When do you feel most at ease?  For some people, it’s when walking or exploring outside.
  2. I notice the world around me. When you stop to take in your surroundings, you feel connected to your environment.
  3. I can pause to smell the flowers.
  4. I am always changing. Just as the seasons change, so do you. Not only is your body growing, but your mind is too as you learn new things.
  5. I can see patterns in leaves
  6. I need time to grow.
  7. Nature calms me.

Affirmations for Kids: I can make a difference.

Some people might think that young people can’t change the world, but you can. You have wisdom, energy, and new ideas. Make a difference for you, and all of us.

  1. I can think of solutions to problems.
  2. Young people can do so much.
  3. I have done well.
  4. I can learn about what is happening in the world.
  5. What I do matters.
  6. My ideas have value.

Affirmations for Kids: I can spot beauty everywhere.

Spring brings tiny signals of new life, change, and hope. Look for these signs in yourself and the world around you.

  1. I take notice.
  2. I can rest and start again.
  3. Nature inspires me.
  4. I am happy with myself, at this moment.
  5. I can wake up grumpy and still make it a good day.
  6. I like who I’m growing to be.
  7. I can take small steps to achieve my goals.

Affirmations for Kids: Calm

Taking a few peaceful moments every day to think about a calming affirmation can make a big difference. It will help you to feel relaxed, focused, and more confident.

  1. I deserve to rest.
  2. It’s OK to feel sad sometimes.
  3. I am calm.
  4. I choose to feel peaceful.
  5. I am enough, just as I am.
  6. I take care of myself.
  7. I enjoy peace.
  8. I can let go of negative thoughts.
  9. I can slow down and breathe.
  10. I know how to relax.

Affirmations for Kids: I can stay calm under pressure.

It can be tricky to stay calm in a stressful situation.  Finding a way to remain calm helps you to be at your best and do the right thing.

  1. I am peaceful.
  2. I can ask for help. Everybody needs help now and again. The Apollo 13 crew got support from their Mission Control team back in Houston, the USA, after they radioed saying “Houston, we’ve had a problem”. The engineers used calm problem-solving to guide the astronauts back home.
  3. I am fine. This simple phrase can be reassuring and comforting. Repeat it to yourself silently, whisper it, or say it aloud.
  4. It’s OK if things don’t go to plan.
  5. I accept this. Try to see each moment for what it is. Accepting a situation can help you feel better.

101 + Affirmations for Kids

Here is a list of 101 positive affirmations for kids to help your child’s all-around development and shape them to be happy, confident individuals.

  1. I am loved.
  2. I am intelligent.
  3. I can experience beauty wherever I go.
  4. I am generous.
  5. Problems challenge me to better myself.
  6. I am open to the possibility.
  7. I am a wonderful friend.
  8. I embrace my fears fully and calmly.
  9. I draw inspiration from life and my role models.
  10. I replace anger with compassion.
  11. I am creative.
  12. I am thankful for my blessings.
  13. I am capable.
  14. I am persistent.
  15. I am exactly where I need to be.
  16. I am worthy.
  17. I am perfect just the way I am.
  18. I am honest and trustworthy.
  19. I am thoughtful and kind.
  20. I am whole and complete.
  21. I am worthy of love.
  22. I am calm, relaxed, and peaceful.
  23. I can do anything.
  24. I am healthy and am growing up well.
  25. I am compassionate.
  26. I am optimistic.
  27. I accomplish great results.
  28. I am joyful.
  29. I enjoy letting events unfold in good time.
  30. I am a great listener.
  31. I play an important role in the world.
  32. I like being punctual.
  33. I handle all my responsibilities and tasks well.
  34. I turn failures into opportunities for success.
  35. I am patient.
  36. I trust in my ability to solve problems.
  37. I trust my intuition.
  38. I manage my time well.
  39. I forgive myself for making a mistake.
  40. I believe in myself.
  41. All is well in the world.
  42. I enjoy spending time with myself.
  43. I dare to be myself.
  44. I enjoy being happy.
  45. I am persistent.
  46. I make like-minded friends easily and naturally.
  47. I am helpful.
  48. I am deserving of love, trust, and kindness.
  49. I care about others.
  50. I respect other people.
  51. I am thankful for being who I am.
  52. I see the good in myself.
  53. I believe I can be whatever I want to be.
  54. I am unique and special.
  55. I have a beautiful imagination.
  56. I believe in my dreams.
  57. Sometimes I make mistakes, but I choose to learn from them.
  58. I deeply love and accept myself.
  59. I have faith in myself.
  60. I support others with love and kindness.
  61. I spread joy.
  62. I am in charge of my life.
  63. I have many unique gifts and talents.
  64. I express my ideas easily.
  65. I forgive others for their mistakes.
  66. I love my family and friends.
  67. I am a good friend to myself.
  68. I am brave.
  69. Every day and in every way, I get better and better.
  70. Wonderful and awesome things happen to me.
  71. I am proud of myself.
  72. I am always in the right place at the right time.
  73. I am friendly.
  74. I embrace change.
  75. I enjoy absorbing knowledge.
  76. I am confident.
  77. I listen to my inner wisdom.
  78. I trust myself to make great decisions.
  79. I can become whatever I want to be.
  80. Learning is fun and exciting.
  81. I am courageous even when things are unknown to me.
  82. I choose to look for the best way forward for myself.
  83. I work hard. I have loving, positive, and happy thoughts.
  84. I am protected.
  85. I can do whatever I focus my mind on.
  86. I enjoy discovering something new.
  87. I act responsibly.
  88. Whatever I do, I give it my best.
  89. Every day brings new opportunities.
  90. I am a good influence on others.
  91. I radiate love and compassion.
  92. I enjoy challenging myself with new ideas and possibilities.
  93. I am gentle with myself and others.
  94. I am caring.
  95. I accept compliments graciously and openly.
  96. I am forgiving.
  97. I believe in my abilities.
  98. I am strong inside and out.
  99. I am beautiful.
  100. I complete my school work on time every day.
  101. I have a strong and important voice.

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