A 20-minute Yoga Sequence to Relieve Back Pain

A 20-minute Yoga Sequence to Relieve Back Pain

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A yoga sequence is the combination of a few poses together in a continuous flow. A good yogi trains with specific yoga sequences.

For every need you might have, there’s a yoga sequence, although you can always make your own! You will find here 20-minute back pain yoga sequences that are great for beginners and have specific aims. When performing a yoga sequence, take all the time you need, remember to bread properly, and do as much as you can without feeling intense pain to avoid injury.

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Source: Yogic Gurukul – Anvita Dixit

What is Yoga?

Yoga refers to a collection of practices for body, mind, and soul which originated in ancient India. Etymologically, yoga stems from the Sanskrit root yuj which means “to add” or “to unite.”

Essentially, yoga is more than physical exercise. It is a meditative practice with a spiritual core. Through its practice, yogis seek to reach the moksha, “liberation.” This liberation refers to “breaking out” of the cycle of death and rebirth. It means liberating ourselves from ignorance.

The precise definition of the term “yoga” varies with the context, but most of the time it refers to:

  1. A disciplined method of achieving a goal
  2. A set of techniques to control both mind and body
  3. A school of philosophy
  4. In conjunction with other prefixes, a traditional set of techniques and philosophies (yoga schools)
  5. The practice of yoga

Yoga involves static principles that vary slightly from one school to another while maintaining the same ultimate purpose: liberation.

This refers to yoga as a means of discovering the dysfunctions in our perception and cognition. Through yoga, we overcome these to liberate ourselves from suffering, bringing forth inner peace and salvation.

By meditating with yoga, we raise and expand our consciousness. We change the lens to become coextensively aware of all that surrounds us and not just ourselves.

Yogis must carve a path to omniscience and heightened consciousness with yoga. The end goal is breaking our chains to falsehood and suffering. We are meant to understand both the impermanent and permanent realities that clash in life.

Source: Jessica Richburg

20-Minute Back Pain Sequence

This is a continuation of the previous 10-minute yoga sequence. Instead of closing with the corpse pose, perform this yoga sequence after finishing the previous one.

The steps of the 20-Minute Yoga sequence are as follows:

1. Perform a body wave by entering the Cat Pose, then the Cow Pose, and so on, five times. Allow one breath per stage. It should be around a minute.

2. Perform the Downward Facing Dog Pose. Hold the pose for 6 to 10 breaths, for at least a minute.

3. Enter the Locust Pose. Keep your legs from touching each other if you can, and don’t clench your buttocks. Hold the pose for four breaths, lower, rest, and repeat another three times.

4. Go into the Low Lunge Pose, and hold each side for a minute.

5. Go into the Low Lunge Pose, but raise your back leg into a diagonal relative to the ground to enter High Lunge, and rest your hands on your hips. Hold each side for a minute.

6. Go one last time into High Lunge, come into the Warrior Pose II, and then the Extended Side Angle Pose. Hold for a minute, then come back into the High Lunge Pose and perform the exercise again with your legs reversed.

7. Close with 3 minutes of the Corpse Pose.

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