Mindfulness Activities: Exercises for Groups

Mindfulness Activities: Exercises for Groups

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Mindfulness activities usually offer a very simple, and yet very effective way of creating enriching experiences in one’s life. The mindfulness exercises are also a great source of nurturing strong, supporting, and caring groups that genuinely support and care for each other in their time of need.

Many of us have turned to mindfulness practices for peace, calm and genuine happiness in our day-to-day lives, but a large number of people have yet to try mindfulness, or if they did try it, they have given up too soon.

While it is true that mindfulness is a continuous practice and requires a serious commitment, and it is also true that it can be difficult at times to stay true to it as it is an individual practice, and one can get lost very easily without any professional help or group with similar interests.

Mindfulness practice is easier to start, learn, and practice, but as time continues your thoughts start to wander and pour in while creating a suffocating atmosphere. So to deal and cope with them you have to learn to master the art of coping with negative thoughts and emotions with mindfulness, and it takes time.

So don’t give up just yet, stick to it for a little longer. Seek professional help or join a like-minded group if that helps, and learn to grow when you take the journey with a supportive, like-minded group of people.

Not giving up on your mindfulness practices is worth it, not only because it allows us to create a deeper understanding of the Self without any harsh judgments with just pure acceptance, but it is also about expanding the concept of Self to include others in your life and surroundings without being judgemental.

Groups are a vital part of our life, and we can’t survive without company or human interactions. And, mindfulness allows us to see our struggles with the mind, reflected in our peers. We learn and grow with those who are more ahead in their practice or advanced in life, and similarly, others who have just started to learn can grow with us.

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I.      Mindfulness Activities for Groups

In this article on mindfulness activities, we will explain some basic mindfulness activities and exercises that are uniquely suited for a large group of people. We’ll also explain how to design the activities so that you and your group can overcome common challenges faced while conducting mindfulness in large groups.

These engaging sets of exercises can be adapted for people across different age groups – from older people to adults to kids. So you can practice them with your grandparents, colleagues, friends or family, etc.

Note: Amid the Covid-19 Pandemic, we have found that sending these fun activities to your close groups or even creating a mindfulness Zoom session to share these unique and mindful experiences and insights is a healing experience and an intimate gesture. So, stay tuned till the very end!

II.   Mindfulness group activities

1. Mindful Listening:

Go for a walk in nature and listen to the chirps of birds, and noises of leaves dancing with the wind, etc.

2. Mindful Awareness:

Pay attention to the balance of the stones, and be mindful of your surroundings.

3. Mindful Observation:

See the grass and how it’s growing without too much attention and appreciation everywhere, etc.

4. Mindful Immersion:

Watch the leaves on the tree and plants, how they are all different in shapes, colors, and patterns, and yet they are always together connected to their roots while supporting each other and the tree.

5. Mindful Appreciation:

It can be defined as a walk of wonder, paying attention to nature and its miracle, appreciating nature’s beauty and how wonderful and magical it is.

6. Mindful Service:

Appreciate the beauty in everything, like if you see the grass: appreciate how it is providing a comfortable walk for you, and if you see the tree: appreciate it for providing fruits, veggies, and shade for you.

Note: All the above-mentioned mindfulness exercises for groups integrate key elements of nature, which makes it very easy for beginners to access the key and basic concepts of mindfulness and mindfulness activities. With the help of nature mindfulness as an example, the groups will not only understand or achieve the benefits of mindfulness, but they will also appreciate the beauty of nature and the health benefits of being outdoors.

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