6 Inspiring Mindfulness Quotes to Live By

6 Inspiring Mindfulness Quotes to Live By

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The Buddha always encouraged his followers to take a critical eye toward anyone claiming to be mindful, to present the truth, and to judge the veracity of any claim or practice for themselves.

In a famous statement, he urges them never to accept anything as true simply because it is said to be a revelation. After all, it is traditional, because it comes from sacred texts, or because the teacher seems competent.

Rather, he said, when you know for yourself that something is wholesome, blameless, and leads to benefit and happiness, then you should accept it and abide in it.

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Putting Mindfulness in Perspective:

  • On ProKensho, we looked at the fundamental components of the practice of mindfulness and have discussed a great many areas of life in which these practices can be beneficially exercised.
  • If there is anything about that practice that remains unclear, return to the articles and read them again.
  • It might be helpful to find a couple of books or maybe some tutorials on basic mindfulness practice and read those as well.
  • You may also find that what other practitioners have to say about mindfulness practice is more meaningful to you than what has been taught on prokensho. The practice is simple but extremely rich.

Following Up with Meditation:

  • As you proceed with your daily practice, you may consider at some point intensifying your meditation experience with a retreat. There are various types of mindfulness retreats, and each can be very beneficial for your meditation practice. Perhaps the simplest is to dedicate a day to mindfulness in the comfort of your own home.
  • Try to arrange to be alone and quiet for four to eight hours—more if you’re able—where you do nothing other than practice. You can personalize this self-retreat in a way that matches your routine, and suits you, but it ought to include alternating sitting and walking practice.
  • If you choose, you can add a body scan, mindful eating, and listening to a recorded talk on mindfulness. There are many locations on the Internet where you can download such talks.
  • If you search the Internet, you’ll also find plenty of listings for other kinds of retreats. There are a growing number of retreat centers across the country and throughout the world that offer retreats lasting from a weekend to three months to the traditional three years, three-month, three-day retreat taken by some very committed practitioners.
  • The most common type or maybe the popular types of retreats in the mindfulness tradition often lasts for about ten days long. In a ten-day retreat, you’re usually with other practitioners, sitting and walking for as much as 16 hours a day—all in silence. A retreat of this length will benefit your practice (and the rest of your life) enormously.
  • The most effective thing while thinking about practicing mindfulness is: Just go for it. It’s very difficult to find the motivation to get started sometimes, and it’s even difficult to continue for beginners, but the rewards of practicing mindfulness are immeasurable.

This is why, to help you get started, we have prepared six mindfulness quotes to motivate you and to give you the required push.

Mindfulness Quotes:

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