Beginner’s Guided Meditation- Part II

Beginner’s Guided Meditation- Part II

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I.      Eyes Closed State of Tranquility

For this meditation lesson, you might want to find a comfortable place to sit and focus on a source of natural light. This guide is almost like a part I session, but in this, your eyes will be closed.

You will continue focusing on feeling deep tranquility, and while doing so, I would like you to sit near a natural source of light, such as by a window while the sun is out, maybe somewhere outside like in your garden, or maybe in your porch.

Just make sure you can slightly see the light passing through your eyelids when your eyes are completely closed. As light hits your eyelids, it will reduce the chance of you falling asleep during this deep closed eye meditation.

And like part I, this lesson will also be split into two sections. Section one will be an instruction-based session, which will help you learn and program your mind to master the state of tranquility. Section two is a self-induced exercise, in which you will learn to take yourself into a state of tranquility on your own with less assistance.

So find a comfortable place to sit with a natural source of light, and let’s begin.  

II.   Part II- Section One: Tranquility Guided Learning

At this time go ahead and close your eyes and follow the instructions as we move forward. Make sure you keep a straight/tall posture as we continue. And as you know, you can put your focus on any attention in your body that may be bothering you at this moment.

Also when you begin to find these tensions, you can go ahead and loosen them up by taking a deep breath in and Breath Out, In and Out, In and Out.

That’s it, just let go to a deep state of relaxation and release yourself down, down deep into a comfortable place of PEACE and TRANQUILITY.

And as you begin to feel this warmth and serenity spread throughout your mind and body, you can let go even further. And fall into an even deeper state of comfort.

You’re doing great, so now just flow with these feelings and relax even more. And as you feel this beautiful calming you can just remain in this comforting and relaxing position continuously.

Now it may be coming to your attention that it is becoming easier to LET GO and RELAX DEEPLY as you get into this state of tranquility at any time you desire.

And no matter what situations and circumstances you might encounter you can always find yourself back here in this state of tranquility instantly. And at this moment, I want you to remember this state of deep relaxation as a major key in mastering meditation.

I want you to say a couple of affirmations with me, which will help advance your learning curve quickly.

Go ahead and repeat these sentences with me and really feel what you are saying to be true. Let’s begin-

  1. At this moment, now I fully understand how to relax deeply and quickly at any time.
  2. Now I feel how simple and easy it is to enter a state of tranquility.
  3. I can experience this emotional calmness at any point, under any circumstances.
  4. I am quickly moving forward and learning the art of meditation.
  5. Every lesson I complete and repeat in this training is leading me to fast mastery of this art.

You’re doing excellent, and now we are going to take a quick break before moving on. So right now you can open your eyes and start moving around while stretching your body.

III. Part II- Section Two: Tranquility Self Induction Practice

Now in this section, you are going to start the self-induction interval training. You will practice getting into the tranquil state on your own for 5 minutes. And you will have a ten-second break for each minute that passes.

But I will guide you when to go in and out of this RELAXING STATE.

At this moment, go ahead and close your eyes. And remember to be near the natural source of light for this exercise.

Now take yourself into the tranquil for a whole minute, and I will alert you when to stop.

Great job, now goes ahead and open your eyes and take a ten-second break if you think you need one. After the ten-second break, close your eyes and go back into the state of tranquility repeating the same process as you have done in section one.

Now repeat the same process about three to four times, with the required ten-second breaks in between the minutes of your state of tranquility.

Congratulations, with these two sections you have completed your part II of guided meditation sessions.

Make sure to repeat this lesson two three times a day, for about a week, before moving on to part III. And remember to mark down your progress to stay on track.

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