Sixteen powerful money affirmations that will make you RICH

Sixteen powerful money affirmations that will make you RICH

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When it comes to money and financial freedom, your mindset towards money does matter a lot. When I see people talk badly about rich people and money as if it’s some evil, it breaks my heart, because money isn’t evil.

It is a source with the help of which we can make our life a little bit easier, it’s a source with which we can experience a lot more than an average person who is not financially free. People with less money often get so caught up in what their feelings and mind tell them about money. They struggle to even dream and think about a hopeful Turn around for their future financial situation.

They think they don’t deserve any better or they aren’t good enough, but you see believing that you can is a very critical piece of the puzzle.

So believe that you are good enough and that you deserve all the good things money can buy in life. Of course, you have to work for it too, but the first step is to BELIVE.

So to help you get started with the positive money affirmations, here are sixteen money affirmations you can use to shift your mindset and set your thoughts and focus towards improving your financial situation.

Note: Changing and breaking bad or old habits takes time and continuous practice. So to get the best-desired outcome, you have to be consistent and committed over time to change or improve.

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I.      Sixteen powerful money affirmations that will make you RICH:

  1. I am more than worthy of having more wealth and happiness.
  2. Financial freedom is my birthright
  3. Money comes to me naturally, easily, and harmoniously
  4. I conquer my money goals, and I am a resourceful money magnet
  5. I experience money/wealth as a key part of my being, and due to that my net worth is increasing exponentially
  6. I am capable and grateful to be financially free
  7. My life is full of happiness, blessings, prosperity, and abundance
  8. I am thriving to be successful every day, and I am becoming a wealthy person
  9. I want more money and money-related opportunities, and it’s okay. My financial/money opportunities are prosperous and plentiful
  10. Money is rooted in good, and abundance is coming leading me to peaceful life I desire
  11. I am the master of my fate, and I earn my own money
  12. My loved ones are financially free, and they are genuinely happy to see me wealthy as well
  13. Being wealthy feels amazing, and it lets me help my loved ones
  14. Money leads to self-confidence, self-satisfaction and, happiness for myself and those around me I love
  15. There is plenty of money to go around the world and learn new things
  16. It feels wonderful to have the financial flexibility

Note: To get the most out of these money affirmations, please say each one about three times in the morning and three times at night.

II.   Sixteen magic ways to manifest money affirmations:

  1. Write wish letters
  2. Be grateful
  3. Visualize your perfect reality
  4. Create a new and better you
  5. Let go of the past and negative memories
  6. Prepare yourself for manifestation
  7. Say “Miracles can happen every day, and they do happen…”
  8. Don’t be overly attached to anyone or anything
  9. Follow your intuition
  10. Take time for your happiness
  11. Live in the present moment without any judgment
  12. Write your dream story
  13. Make a list of proofs
  14. Use positive affirmations
  15. Clear and activate your seven chakras
  16. Build a personalized manifestation board (You can use Pinterest boards for this)

Note: You have to trust and believe that the universe/god knows what to put you through to get you closer to what’s good and meant for you.

III. Five Best Ways to Manifest your Money Affirmations:

1. Manifestation Meditation:

Every spiritual person practices some form of meditation, be it mindfulness meditation or a manifestation meditation because it is how you connect with your higher being. Meditation allows divine wisdom and spiritual guidance to come through.

2. Visualization:

Visualization usually helps one to get into the habitual vibrational alignment with one’s inner soul’s desire by cultivating the deepest feeling of experiencing one’s desire as if it has already been manifested.

3. Manifestation Journal:

A manifestation journal is a dedicated journal that usually helps you with your intention to manifest what you want into reality. So, to get the best outcomes, write about your current short-term and long-term goals and the ideal life that you want to attract.

4. Subliminals:

Subliminals usually help you naturally reprogram your subconscious mind and thoughts by releasing the negative and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you in the right way and filling it or replacing it with the new set of beliefs that do serve you in the right way.

5. Scripting:

Scripting is a well-known manifestation technique that usually involves describing the individual’s experiences they would like to improve or manifest as if it has already happened.

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