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About Me

Hi, my name is Garima Malik and I am the founder of ProKensho, and I wanted to take a minute to introduce myself to you guys and share a little bit about who I am and how I came to be standing here, so it doesn’t feel quite so one-sided when I ask you to share things with me or share things with your fellow readers.

As you’ll come to find out, the work associated with this platform is pretty personal, and at different points, you’ll be asked to be reflective and vulnerable about your own life. We’ll all get more from this experience if we genuinely engage, so I thought I’d tried to start things off by being as open and authentic as I hope you are throughout our time together.

So let’s see. I’m the youngest of three children, and I was born in Siliguri, West Bengal, India and raised in Roorkee, Uttarakhand, India. Growing up, I played all kinds of sports [wasn’t necessarily good at any].

I earned my bachelor’s degree in Marketing and a master’s in Operations and Marketing from IPE, Hyderabad, and currently I am preparing for my PhD. I’m into all types of outdoor adventure, and I’m an avid makeup junkie and a mindfulness enthusiast. I live with my parents at the moment and will move out soon to pursue my PhD.

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We had an awesome five-year-old Pomeranian named Tipu, who I was just crazy about. On any given weekend we like to spend our spare time watching good movies [recently watched My Policeman], reading, practising yoga, and finding cool places to eat.

For the last, it’s been almost two to three years now, I’ve been working as a freelancer, running three small websites, and consulting in the areas of health, human performance, and digital marketing. My deepest passions lie in the intersections of mindfulness, well-being, and nature, and I spent much of the last three years focusing my work in this area and learning about me.

My initial introduction to mindfulness came a little more than three ago when I started attending some drop-in mindfulness meditations led by a wonderful mindfulness teacher. I loved her energy and her philosophy about life, and I found myself drawn in by her messages about presence and compassion, wisdom, and trust.

I found that when I applied her teaching to my own life, the impact spread far and wide, and it extended out into almost every aspect of who I was and what I did. It made a profound and positive difference in my relationships, my work, and my mental health. Some of the early but resounding lessons for me included getting to know, accept, and trust my true self, and also seeing how the spaciousness that comes with regular mindfulness practice can facilitate greater peace and ease in everyday life.

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As a teacher by training, it felt quite natural to eventually land on a path that would bring me to share mindfulness with others. In early 2020, I pursued a certification in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction from Mindfulness-Based Professional Training. To be quite honest, this decision flipped my professional life upside down in all the best ways.

Through this training, I deepen my practice, learned a lot of things about me, and also learned the value of teaching from the inside out, and I began to focus my career on sharing mindfulness with others. Mindfulness is an ancient practice, and there’s little that you’ll learn in and through this class that comes from me originally.

My understanding of the philosophy and science of mindfulness is influenced by dozens of meditation teachers and scholars and by my personal experience with the practice. I’m a mindfulness teacher by training and grace, but first and foremost, a practitioner and a student.

My journey with mindfulness has been healing and humbling, life-altering and life-giving. I consider myself lucky to share what I know with you. I hope you enjoy what I share on this platform, and that your own experience with mindfulness is as rewarding as mine.

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